Barbarian Librarian


Raised as a leader by his father, a general who served with Lorn, Yuriel is very strong and quick to protect his friends. Yuriel has special privileges at the library in Delos. He has been studying and organizing there for years. He dreams of one day visiting the library in the capital, where the Eladrin royals rule.

When his mother had given birth to his brother, she had to leave for a reason Yuriel doesn’t know and he hasn’t seen either his mother or brother since he was rather young.

A couple years after his mother had left, Yuriel’s father took off quickly and angrily to the East without saying anything. He had a division of the People’s Army with him, including Lorn. As far as we know Lorn is the only survivor – though he lost an arm while surviving two years in the Xen’dor jungle.

His father is a Firesoul and his mother is an Earthsoul. Yuriel is much like his mother, though he fights like his father.

(Things Yuriel doesn’t know – Yuriel’s brother, Sigea, is a Cindersoul, an abyssal Genasi who had to be inspected back near the home of the Genasi. When Yuriel’s mother was returning from checking in she was captured by humans to be sold as a slave. She and Sigea were eventually sold to a colony of snake people who used Yuriel’s mother as a means of breeding a higher, more powerful race of hybrid creatures. Yuriel’s father spent so many years investigating the disappearance of his wife and second son. Eventually he overheard a couple slave merchants talking about how much they made selling the Earthsoul and Abyssal one to the snake people. He throttled them where they stood. With a single swipe of his fullblade, he halved one of the men and brought the other within an inch of his life and forced what little information he could get out of the man before killing him too. He returned just long enough to direct the top divisions of the People’s Army in an assault on the renowned Yuan-ti port city of Zanzibar. With his army and the assistance of the Legions, he headed out to the west to find his family. He fought valiantly but ended up dying. On his deathbed he told Lorn to head back and look over Yuriel and evenually come back for Sigea.)


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