Lucan (Deceased)

Two-Weapon Fighting Ranger


Lucan is an Elven man who excels at fighting with two weapons. While he was young his mother (an archer) was killed by a goblin raid and his father, a once legendary swordsman, lost an arm getting Lucan away from the horrible creatures that killed his wife and his son’s mother. The father-son team spent the next several years trying to avoid crazed beasts and monsters, all the while Lucan was learning more and more about how to handle a blade. Eventually, they came to a port town and Lucan’s father essentially tricking him into joining a band of pirates.

At first he was resistant to do anything proactive for the band of jolly sailors, but they eventually grew on him. He began to think of the captain as a father figure and even started to refer to him as “Pops.” He developed a close group of friends, namely, Francois Jacques Joseph Sali, Baj, and Mikal. The four of them made up the captain’s right hand men. One day a battle occured and left the ship beached and broken and the captain missing without a word. The men went ashore and met 2 strange women who eventually claimed to be from the future. Caeldryn and Zanne were their names, and he secretly feared their power very much. They claimed to only be a fraction as powerful as they formerly were (in the future?!) and in a dream he had they beat the living daylights out of Lucan in their “weakened” state. The group of adventurers set out to not only find the captain but to try and heed a warning from the future.

The group eventually returns to the small village in the desert to find that the town has been turned into abominations that can only be finished off in the dark, which was too great a task to handle with just the 6 of them. So they ran to Fawmaw Bwoof’s tower to see if the woman could help them at all. Well, she couldn’t – because she was a crazy-ass-bitch – so Lucan followed closely behind Caeldryn as they headed for the roof of the tower to make an escape, but when Lucan rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, he saw something that scared him more than he knew he could feel scared. An Ilithid standing calmly behind an enthralled Caeldryn. She tried to shoot him but he only took minor damage from the blast, so he decided this was the only chance he was going to get. As he sprinted past Caeldryn he stated, “You are the one who needs to live.” and dove into the Ilithid. Unfortunately this did nothing, and when he tried to push a second time, tentacles burst into his skull. It did not take long before his brains had been consumed by the beast.

Lucan (Deceased)

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