Baj Diary Entry 1

I have decided to join a lively crew of pirates at sea as their cook aboard the Jolly Rapscallion. It seems that thieving on the streets pays decently, but leaves something to be desired. Maybe it’s just too easy . . . not to mention that it is just a little bit solitary . . . not that there is anything wrong with that, meh, too much thinking. All i know is that it seems like this crew will be fun to be around, and how much trouble can we get into?

Baj Diary Entry 300

It seems that so much has happened in the last year as i have been on this crew! Unfortunately we have lost our captain, but one of the crew members has graciously taken over for the time being. A born leader, it will be a pleasure to serve under him and alongside the great Mikal and Lucan. We have met up with a lively Druid and Warden, but they seem ordinary enough . . . as far as a shape-shifting-leopard-lady and tree-girl can be. They are foreigners and it shows though, they don’t know alot, they must be from across the sea. Looks like it will be the six of us for a while.

Baj Diary Entry 350

Well, I am once again reminded at how off my predictions were. This crew is always in some sort of trouble! I wouldn’t have it any other way. That “ordinary” druid and warden that I wrote of before are far from being such creatures. They have come from the future from what i gather and are fleeing some great evil. At least they should be safe here! Seems that we are going to be commissioned to go and revive a mine. I guess that there is some sort of a mineral there that we will be able to use in these tough times.

Baj Diary Entry 375

Cave Saved! We finally crossed that stinkin’ desert and were able to get this mine cleared. We encountered much more resistance than I expected. The snake queen swiftly met her doom at her hands though. I couldn’t be more happy with my crew! I’m happy that I have the chance to serve these great men and women, I’m beginning to get the feeling that with my crew at my side I will be able to take on anything. Time to cross the desert again, at least this time we can rest easy.

Baj Diary entry 380

Who knew that everything that i held dear could be so easily torn from my hands . . . . Everything was going according to our plan. There was only one uber-insane creature who had a few personalities that we had to finish off. Sure she was tough, but we could take her, unfortunately she was not alone. As I reached the top from the outside of the tower I witnessed Lucan being finished off by what i can only describe as the devil. In a moment . . . no an instant the top of Lucan’s head was blown off and his brains were . . . I remember very little now, Lucan’s body hit the floor, all i knew was that i need to make sure that I need to avenge his death. No one kills one of us and gets away with it! I watched as Mikal threw him from the top of this tower, but I knew that would not kill him. I needed to finish him. I rushed over the edge to finish the job.

I awoke on the floor of a ship soaring over the desert, our crew still struggling in a battle against the . . . same creature that I jumped 100 feet to end. I knew that i had to keep my calm, assess the situation. The captain is threatening to kill Caeldryn, and he must have good reason to do so, it seems that we have been fighting him for sometime and yet he looks amazingly well. I have not known an enemy to do this before. My daggars would probably not do anything. . . i needed to look for another way, I decided attack the ship! I did my best to shred the wing, and it worked, but I was left in a, less than advantageous position on the ship. The next thing that I knew the creature was falling from the ship. Then I saw the ship disappearing into the distance, I guess even these hands can fail me. I lost consciousness for a bit, but some of my blood is still fresh, so I can’t have been out for too long. As of now I guess that I will have to find them, they cant have gone too far. From this day forward I am taking a vow of silence.

Baj Diary entry #1111

It has been 2 years since i’ve started looking for my crew and I have heard nothing. I have half of the underground looking for them, I’ve searched nearly every city that i can imagine them going to. I guess that if Caeldryn and Zanne came to us from the future, they could be there . . . but I don’t know how to get there. The only thing i can think of is to start training now so that i can help them out. I shall build them an army.


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