Mikal (Back Baby!! Ba-da-boom!)

A Shardmind Sorceror who is Slightly out of Control


AC: 28
Fort: 18
Ref: 23
Will: 26

HP: 94

Weapons: His Armblade (Caeldryn) and Palm of Awesome (Zanne). Named after his two favorite ladies, of course.

Skill strengths: Charisma, Arcana, Bluff, Intimidate

  • Aspects:
    • My face! My beautiful face!: Devastated by the sudden loss of his good looks, Mikal is wracked with grief at any mention of his crystalline form.
    • Money can’t buy love, but maybe lots and lots of attention can!: Mikal’s love for Zanne has not changed in the slightest. In fact, it borders on near-obsession. He will do anything to protect, woo, or otherwise shower her with attention.
    • Trust me, I’m shiny!: One thing that Mikal has learned is that Shardminds tend to be regarded as logical, truth-telling, and emotionless. As a result, people don’t really think they can lie. So when faced with a sticky situation, Mikal lies.
    • I meant to do that!: Since he never really got a handle on the whole sorcerer thing in the first place, sometimes Mikal’s spells don’t exactly go as planned. But sometimes they’re even more awesome than he thought.
    • Verbal explosion: Mikal doesn’t really know when to keep his mouth shut. As a result, he either offends or endears pretty much everyone around him.
    • I do what I want!: Mikal doesn’t like to think ahead. He’s really more of a “spur of the moment” kind of guy. Consequences be damned, he follows his heart. Or crotch.
    • 1001 Ways to use a Corpse: Mikal, being crystalline and not adverse to touching yucky things, loves to find creative uses for corpses. Disguises, shields, decoys, decorations, you name it.

Born into a monastery, Mikal quickly realized he was different than the other monks. Specifically, he liked women. A lot. He left the monastery (by his own choice, I swear) and pursued a life of adventure. He briefly joined the Shadow Troupe, a traveling group of assassins disguised as circus performers. They quickly turned to the dark side, however, so Mikal left their ranks. He soon joined up with a group of sea-faring rapscallions, including Lucan, Baj the cook, and Sali. They adventured together until the tragic events that took the lives of Lucan and Sali and would change the fabric of time forever.

Now lost somewhere in time, Mikal starts a new adventure with Caeldryn and his secret (or not so secret) love, Zanne.

That was then. This is now:

Having suffered a cruel death at the hands of a traitorous little midget who uses guns to compensate for the fact that he is, in fact, very small, Mikal made what was to be his final journey: into the afterlife.

While there, he got to spend a lot of time with Zanne, which made him think he was in heaven. But then again, he never even got to make out with her, and it was kinda hot, so maybe it was actually hell. Either way, he was dead.


Secretly, some Duergar scientists were performing secret experiments secretly in secret. They somehow got their stubby little hands on Mikal’s body, and after very likely using it for all sorts of vile things (it was a very sexy body, after all), they apparently got bored and decided to put Mikal’s soul into a new body just for kicks. Since they didn’t really have any other fleshy bodies lying around, they decided to put it into a bunch of shiny rocks.


Wait, no, their first mistake was taking Mikal’s body. Or maybe it was being born. Yah, that’s it. They were born.


A few mistakes down the road, however, they decided to mess with Mikal’s soul. And that was a very terrible mistake indeed. Not one to be tied down, Mikal burst free from his bonds and rampaged through the underground lair, destroying everything in his path with fierce intentionality.


Mikal has rejoined his friends on their quest to save the world from total evil. Though he no longer has his sexy body, nothing can hold back his limitless awesome.

Mikal (Back Baby!! Ba-da-boom!)

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