An enchanting and fiery Sun Elf. The lost daughter of Pelor.


Once upon a time there was a baby girl whose birth was celebrated by nations and gods. Her father was Pelor, ruler of Soleria, the Kingdom of the Sun. She was their youngest and only daughter. Amidst the celebration of her birth, darkness crept in. Eladio, ruler of Myrdal Calael, the Kingdom of Snow and Ice, cast a terrible curse upon the princess. Darkness and cold infected the baby’s beautiful golden wings, slowly spreading throughout her tiny body. Eladio issued his demands: either the princess be delivered to him as his bride or she would die.

Pelor tried everything to save his daughter, but the curse would not be broken. In desperation, he cut off his daughter’s wings, preventing the darkness from spreading further. Then disguised as a hart, he hid her on Earth to keep her away from the evil of Eladio. Somehow, however, the enchantment was broken. A powerful druid named Magnolia found a little half-elf girl crying in the forest. When the girl showed a great amount of potential, Magnolia decided to raised the girl as her protege, training her how to be a druid, and naming her Caeldryn.

On Caeldryn’s 13th birthday, she was out playing in the woods with her beloved wolf pack when she was suddenly struck with a strange vision of burning flames. When she came to, she was horrified to find herself laying in the middle of an immense area of the forest that had been completely destroyed by fire. Magnolia, barely containing her rage, banished Caeldryn from the forest. The girl fled, terror and horror at what she had done taking over her mind. She shifted into a wolf form and lived wild in a neighboring mountain for several years, afraid of herself. But then one day she stumbled upon a bleeding and unconscious half-elf, whose life she saved.

Several years later, Caeldryn and Zanne, who couldn’t remember anything about her past, became friends with Adolamin, Nunt’zi, Krya, and Yuriel. Together they created the adventuring group, Brave Vesperia, and set out to seek justice and peace for all.

But her story was not a simple folk tale with a happy ending. The ever growing darkness and corruption in the world would fight to destroy them. Betrayal, death, heartbreak, lies, and destruction haunted her steps.

But even in the midst of such evil and sorrow there came friendship, love, truth, and a never ending search for redemption.

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