Lorn Maxum

One-armed Dwarf Father Superior of Sanctum, Father to the Oppressed Vangeli, Father Superior to Morgar


Life: Served as Father Superior of Sanctum, an ancient, humanitarian order of paladins ordained to look after the weak and voiceless of Vangelis.

Served in the People’s Army under General Abdiel, firesoul genasi father of Yuriel and Sigea. The army was betrayed in a campaign to the Jungle and decimated by the Yuan-ti. Lorn lost his arm in the long months hauling wounded Abdiel back to civilization.

He journeyed into the Jungle with the party’s assistance in order to pursue many suspicions of Imperial foul-play concerning the Vangeli people, and a supposed Empire-free colony being formed there. He believed strongly in Morgar and urged him to greatness beyond his initial ambitions.

Currently standing trial in the capital for assault on the Citadel and its soldiers and alleged treason and conspiracy against the Empress, along with Alfonzar and Antonija Justicar, King and Queen (Chamberlain and Wife) of Vangelis. He and Morgar sacrificially stood in the gap and fought back the Imperial Citadel soldiers, allowing the rest of the party to escape the Citadel prison into the city below.

Lorn Maxum

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