Teifling duelist with lost love, high taste, and a recently lifted curse that stole his memories of all things beautiful


History: Romance joined Brave Vesperia on their escort of Lorn Maxum into the Jungle. He was cursed with forgetting all beauty he encountered except for the last memory of his beloved he had forever lost. He fought with a hand crossbow, or a wicked, evil-looking set of a rapier and parrying dagger, because otherwise he would forget he weilded them and hurt people or be unable to defend himself.

The party at the time (Zanne,Caeldryn,Yuriel, Adolamin, Nunt’zi, Morgar, and later Elrohir) helped him discover the fabled Unicorn Fountain in ancient Sun Elf ruins. There, the waters of the fountain, which were supposed to remove his curse, instead began removing his soul for the keeping of the Troll King who resided there. The heroes defeated Tornak and his court of trolls and restored the cursed fountain and Romance had his dream realized.(See Episodes: Jungle5-6)

Last Seen: Romance made his way to the jungle colony of Rift (the Dreamweaver’s domain) with Yuriel, Nunt’zi, Adolamin, and Elrohir, and was last seen unconscious among the bedrows in the chaos of Mikal/Zanne’s tearing of the dreamweave during their escape from Rift.


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