• There’s More than One Way to Skin an Eladrin
  • Don’t Ever Call Me a Tiefling

Here’s the thing: none of you know who I am and none of you need to know. Let’s just leave it at Eladrin turned my life to hell and I’m not going to rest until I return the favor. All of them. Stay out of my way and we’ll be just fine. Inhibit me in any way and I can ensure a quick death for you.

We can just get this out of the way right now: stop calling me a Tiefling. Tiefling are evil, godless beings who deserve life about as much as the vermin who rule this infected city. I’m about as much a Tiefling as Zanne is a nun. So here’s my big secret: I’m an Eladrin. Now you know.

Get over it.


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