Cindersoul Genasi - Swordmage / Artificer



High Concept – Happy knife happy life. Sigea’s actions are highly based on what he can do to strengthen his bond with his sword Althea.
Trouble – New family. Sigea is currently having a tough time finding too many reasons to NOT become a vampire.
Facade – Sigea hopes that people see how much he cares about the voices of the shards. After his merges with Æther he began to see the portion of the ship as an elemental may, this has embedded in him the strong desire to view the song of the world (think like a programmer in the Matrix but as a composer reading a score). He would like to one day see where a voice should be, and whether due to corruption or laziness it has failed to play its optimal part strengthen/bolster it to resume its rightful role in the song of creation.
Ace in the Hole – You killed my mother, prepare to die. Sigea harbors a strong dislike for the Yaun’ti. He eagerly awaits the day when he is strong enough to get revenge.


As long as he can remember Sigea has been a slave of the snake people, the Yuan-ti, deep in the Xen’dor jungle. He spent most of his childhood trying to protect his mother and getting terribly physically abused for attempting to do that. His mother was only obeying the orders of the snake people to protect her son from harm by the snake people. When his father came to rescue him he watched the battle erupt he tried to find a way to sneak his mother and him out of the camp. When he finally sneaked over to where his mother was, he found her fighting magnificently beside a Firesoul Genasi – he immediately paired him with the stories he had heard about his father. As he was about to run to them, he witnessed the death of his mother, and his father was terribly injured. Sigea stood in horror as his father held his collapsed wife in one hand, swinging his massive fullblade with his free hand. Dying soon after. With that he fled into the jungle.

He came upon a small village. He was about to be chased away when an old man stepped out of one of the small huts. He took Sigea in and listened to all that had happened. The man felt very sorry for what had happened to him. He walked to an old chest and took the old lock into his hand. He reached into his pocket with his other hand and pulled out a key. He opened the chest and slowly reached down to the bottom, pulling out a longsword lightly draped by a cloth. He turned and handed it to the young Genasi, saying that he had been waiting a long time for someone to come along who deserved this. For the next few years the man, an old swordmaster, taught Sigea all that he could about how to protect those that he cares about and when it was important to fight for what he needed to fight for. Eventually, Sigea could make people safer by simply standing next to them. Sigea can even carve runes into the air, creating a sigil to protect those he needs too. By this point he had become the strongest in the village. Initial prejudices were dropped and everybody began to appreciate Sigea for what he did to protect the village. He has begun to venture out of the village to see what grand adventures await him in hopes that he will one day be able to meet the voice of the forest itself.

Speaking of “Voices,” in Sigea’s time alone and being tortured, he began to hear voices of objects and things around him. At first he passed it off as delusions that he was having from a lack of nutrition and excessive pain. This turned out to not be the case. He began becoming a master Shardsinger. He has a real heart for making objects reach their full potential. He is troubled by items that are used either not to their full potential, or even worse, the completely wrong way! For example, many swords long to protect more than maim. His sword, “Althea,” was created by a Father to protect his family, but Althea rarely was used to kill, just to protect. Althea and Sigea work together very closely. She feels complete with Sigea and he feels that her true desire fits well with him at the moment. They are a formidable team. Sigea carries other items with him, but he is just trying to help them find homes and purposes. None compare to the trust that he has in Althea.


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