Tall, Stunning, Kick-ass Half-elf Guardian



  • “I Don’t Get It”
  • What? Black Shards?


Zanne awoke one day with no memories of who or where she was. All she knew was her love for nature. After wandering she eventually met up with Caeldryn. The two of them lived for a while in a tree house and took care of their land. One day they were asked to join a team and their adventures.

She still does not remember all of her past but because of recent events she has had glimpses of what may be her past. She is trying to figure it out, with the little brain activity she has and with her amazing comrades.

She is a fairly peaceful gal at heart, but if you mess her with friends, she will mess you up. Zanne only has a couple things she truly treasures in this world. That would be her mates and the beauty that surrounds her. Her soul purpose is to protect both those things.


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