According to Timmakin

The battle was intense, but our combined efforts pushed the legion away. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time for us to celebrate. Many were sick or wounded. The mighty dwarf Morgar and I did the best we could to help our new allies recover, but we had to leave quickly. Those that escaped would be back and we couldn’t hold off a second wave. We sent the survivors in the direction of our base in the mountains. Hopefully when we see them next we will have a rather strong force in our favor!

In the meantime, we followed some form of enchanting magic to a town on a hill. It seemed that all the women were enchanted by something, it was freaky. The worst part was that all of these women were the wives and daughters of the men we were just fighting alongside. Grimm pushed one away rather roughly and she really seemed to “enjoy” that… we just passed all them and went straight for the tallest building, a rather ornate palace for the place we were. After asking around we found that the master of the house was out. We believe that he was part of the legion we defeated the day prior. So we traced the magic to a room on near the top. When we entered the room there was an ornate bed with a large lump under the covers and several scantily clad women. A cyclops emerged from the bed and he was not happy about our interrupting his day. A fight broke out and Morgar, Draco and myself began to fight the beast. Grimm on the other hand just walked over the bed and slipped through the mirror!

Our fight with the cyclops was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot. Draco and Morgar pushed him out the window, he held on to the frame, not that it mattered since the force of the blow took the wall with him. Immediately, my 2 fierce allies dove after him, after the impact, the cyclops enveloped himself on a small cyclone and began to make his way back up to the room where I was now alone. As he neared the hole in the wall I saw Morgar leap onto Draco’s back and then Draco sprouted wings! What a magnificent sight it was to watch him leap and close the distance in the blink of and eye. As the duo neared the cyclops they both swung their weapons in a bloodlust and sandwiched the monster’s head. His single eye burst out of its socket and landed on the floor at my feet.

As I helped the 2 warriors to their feet, our dark friend slipped out of the mirror with a beating heart in his hand. Grimm seemed to be in a daze, as he pulled the heart to his face and bit into it! Never have I been so disgusted and at the same time seen such joy on the face of a man. I certainly hope this won’t become a habit. Following in suit Draco picked up the eye and bit into it much the same way Grimm did with the heart. Eye juice and nasty pus burst everywhere, followed quickly by the vomit of the Dragonborn…now I can truly say that never have I been so disgusted.

Now to nullify the spell and save the women to return them to the men they love and who fought for their loved ones so bravely!


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