Chapter 2: Discovering Morningfall and a Momentary Eclipse

Episode 1: Drakes Disturbing the Peace

- Adolamin, Yuriel, Caeldryn, Zanne, Nunt-zi, Krya.

In a cheery, brightly lit pub called the Dented Dingle, nestled in the country outside of bustling Aerie, a group of people had captured the attention of the entire bar. They were an odd assortment, but as they whispered together about adventure, the same excited glow echoed in each of their eyes.

A handsome, blond eladrin socerer clamped a hand on the shoulder of the formidable duergar next to him, laughing loudly, and not seeming to notice the nervous glances of the townspeople. A large earthsoul genasi sat on his other side, excitedly rifling through a book. Absorbed in the book with him was a petite half elf with long, black hair. She jumped when the sorcerer laughed, and glanced nervously around the room, fiddling with a leaf in her hair. A quiet human man smiled at the sorcerer’s antics, and then rolled his eyes to another dark haired female half elf. She grinned and rolled her eyes back, then walked to the bar. The bartender, Rollin Wolff raised an eyebrow at her request for two mugs of hot water, but with a glance at her subtly-muscled arms and dangerous looking halberd, simply granted her request. His eyebrows rose further when she pulled two homemade tea bags out of her bag and plopped them in.

“So, Adolamin,” she interrupted the blond sorcerer, “where are we traveling to next? Or have you found a quest for us?”

Adolamin gave her a huge grin, “Well, now, Zanne, what’s your hurry? We’ve only been here for just a couple hours!” Zanne cuffed him on the back of the head and handed a steaming mug to the other half elf, who took it with a smile.

“We are running a little low on funds,” said the genasi, looking up from his book.

“Good thing Yuriel’s looking out for us,” said the duergar, hiding a smile in his tankard. Adolamin blustered at once, but was interrupted by the quiet half elf laying a hand on his arm. The group looked to her in surprise, but she merely nodded her head to a very nervous-looking farmer lingering awkwardly near their table.

“Oh! Hello there!” Adolamin said quickly, whispering “Thank you, Caeldryn,” to the quiet half elf. The farmer stepped up to the table and took another nervous glance at the group, particularly the duergar.

“You have no reason to fear,” Yuriel’s deep voice assured him. “We are all good folk here. Is there something we can do for you?”

“Um, well, yes, actually,” the farmer stammered. “It appears you all are adventurers, and I do need some help with something. There’s been an unusual amount of drakes flying around lately, and they’ve started terrorizing the nearby town, you see. They’re burning houses and killing our livestock, and lately they’ve even started going after us townfolk.”

“We would love to help you!” Zanne said warmly.

The farmer relaxed a bit, looking at the beautiful half elf, “Well thank you kindly! I’m staying the night at the inn, but I’m leaving at first light tomorrow. Would you like to accompany me then?” The group gave their agreement, and the farmer gave an awkward smile, tipped his hat to Zanne and Caeldryn, and hastened upstairs.

“Well, that answers that question!” Adolamin grinned. “Nunt’zi, Krya, I believe you owe me a game of cards!” The duergar and the man grinned back as Adolamin starts shuffling.

The next morning, the group met the farmer at sunrise outside the inn. They traveled by horseback to the nearby town of Elk Ridge, enjoying the beautiful countryside. However, as they crested the top of a hill, they could see smoke rising in the distance. Without a word, the farmer kicked his horse into a gallop, rushing towards the village. The group followed suit, exchanging worried glances. As they drew closer, they saw a horse and bareback rider galloping to meet them. The farmer gave a terrified gasp, and urged his horse faster. The rider drew up to them, and the group saw that it was merely a teenage boy, gasping for breath.

“Pa! It’s our house! I couldn’t get them out! It came so fast! They’re still inside!” The farmer gasped “Mary!” and took off again, the adventurers following closely. As they neared the village, they could hear the screams of the townsfolk. A house on the edge of the green had three large drakes crawling over it like overgrown spiders. They had burned a hole through the roof, and were attempting to reach their clawed hands through the windows toward the unfortunate people inside. The farmer gave a unsteady sob, and leapt off his horse to run towards the house, but Nunt’zi grabbed him by the shoulder. “Let us handle this!” he said gruffly.

The adventurers ran towards the house, drawing weapons and readying spells. Together they attacked, drawing the attention of the drakes away from their victims. Krya leapt onto the roof, acrobatically avoiding the angry swipes of the drakes and carefully darting around them, attacking wherever he saw an opening. Zanne and Nunt’zi were attacking the drake on the ground, giving it blows that echoed almost as loudly as the drake’s angry cries. Caeldryn stood a good distance from the house. Her arms were upraised, and her eyes glowed blue as she called down lightning on the drakes from a bright blue sky. Adolamin also stood a distance away, shooting magical bursts that simultaneously burned and froze on contact. The drakes fought fiercely, burning the house even more and swiping viciously at the occupants, but the adventurers were true to their word. One by one the drakes fell.

When the last drake lay still, the townsfolk began to cheer. A woman and little girl hesitantly opened the singed front door, and then ran out to embrace the farmer, weeping with relief.

“Thank you,” choked the farmer. “By the gods, I could not thank you enough for saving my family. I don’t even know who to thank…” Half the group turned toward Adolamin, and the other half turned slightly away to hide their smiles. Adolamin stepped forwards with a smile and his voice rang out dramatically, “You’re welcome, my good fellow! For we are, Brave Vesparia!”


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