Chapter 2: Discovering Morningfall and a Momentary Eclipse

Episode 4: A Fight in the Dark – “Whoops I think Yuriel collapsed the ruins”

“March to the battlefield, The foe is now before us; Each heart is Freedom’s shield, And heaven is shining o’er us.” ~Seneca

- Adolamin, Yuriel, Caeldryn, Zanne, Nunt’zi, Krya.
• The group encounters a group of Yuan-ti led by the mutated, serpentine dragonborn Bejik, who wields a powerful weapon: a cloak with the power to create darkness.
• They fight the group in the ruins of the ancient city, eventually defeating them, and take the cloak for themselves.
• Out in the sunlight, they experiment with the cloak. Caeldryn seems to have the best luck in making the cloak do things. As she succeeds in putting out candles, Yuriel dares her to try to put out the sun. Caeldryn falls to his dare and wields the cloak at the sun. Instantly there is an eclipse, the sun disappearing for a brief moment. The group is astounded and look at the cloak with a new respect. Caeldryn is strangely drawn to the cloak and decides to keep it as her own.


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