Newly formed of noble hearts and strong arms, The Brotherhood has joined in the like-minded objective of defending those who cannot defend themselves, speaking for those who have no voice, and standing for those who cannot stand.

In Vangelis, the Imperium’s occupation is reaching a boiling point. The monsters across the wall are sometimes not half as bad as the beautiful monsters on top of the wall, and in the streets, enforcing their manner of justice.

Strength of the Brotherhood

Type Qty Location
Villages 4 Sothus
Trained Militia 50 Scattered throughout Vangelis.
Armies _ _
Elite Agents 12 Throughout Vangelis
Strongold 1 Arcturus’s Retreat: Mosshaven

People of the Brotherhood


Wise, and strong as stone. An earthsoul genasi of great age and experience. The teacher, the trainer, and the voice of reason. He is 150 years old but still can throw a horse.


The most stunning Brother in the bunch.

  • Specializes in Intelligence, and communication between branches in the diverse Vangeli cities and some say even into the heart of the Vast.
  • Born Dhampyr; has never tasted blood.


  • Halfling pirate swashbuckler. Adjunct member of the Brotherhood, some say he only comes back for the rush.
  • Logistical genius as well on land as by sea.
  • Claims he has filtched a fomorian marquess’ brooch while she was wearing it. The gaudy “knife” he has strapped to his burly left upper arm says he speaks true.


  • Gnome technical master.
  • He never talks about his current projects.
  • He is, however, almost always is in need of ingredients and components.


  • Half-orc veteran of the Vangelis royal bodyguard.
  • Haunted by the night the royal family was summarily executed (he says ‘slaughtered’) for “obstruction” of Peace, Order, and Aesthetics.

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