Brave Vesperia

Last known whereabouts in the year of Sundering AR 321: Yavanna’s Heart/Chamber of the Terrasque
Current whereabouts: Scattered

  • Caeldryn (Kelsey) – Sun Elf (Eladrin) daughter of Pelor, hidden while a baby on earth for her protection, or containment.
  • Zanne (Steph) – Half-elven Warden, amnesiatic mystery woman who looks curiously like depictions of Yavonna. Bears the Syberis mark of Storm of House Lyrandar.
  • Sigea (Paul) – Cindersoul genasi Swordmage\Artificer Shardsinger
  • Morgar (Matthew) – Dwarven Paladin/Immortal Seraph of Moradin (yes Seraph Morgar is a merger of both temporal duplicates: Old Morgar from the dark future and original Morgar from the present).
    • Each duplicate died on behalf of Caeldryn or others.
    • Ultimately entered Yavanna’s Heart, sacrificing his life to hold it together.
  • Mikal (Aaron) – Wild Sorceror trapped in a Shardmind body. Still Sexy.

Elder Brothers – Igniting the Brotherhood in the year AR 321

Inactive Characters:

  • Alpha (Alex) – Warforged Juggernaught, among the first of the Awakened.
    • Raised an army to free the slaves and take over the underground Technocratic District. Ushered Brave Vesperia onto the lightning trains bound for the Terrasque terraforming platforms.
  • Baj (Matthew) – Human thief, cook of the Jolly Rapscallions; last seen BC 120 in the Thornwaste. Founded the Cloak & Daggers
  • Ella (Kelsey) – Disguised Kalashtar telepath, psion, and dreamwalker. Freed from traumatic imprisonment in Dante’s mansion (Ch 7, Ep 2). Remained with Elena and Baba Yaga to remain safe from the Dal Quor Nightmares she inadvertently released into the Feywild (Ch 7, Ep 7).
  • Elrohir Timelord (Alex) – Eladrin Wizard from the distant past, now a chrono-mage correcting timelines and saving multiple futures
  • Fin (Matt) – Halfling Renegade dual-wielding customized dragonshard revolvers. Member of the Cloak & Daggers
  • Hope (Alex) – Vampire invoker of Pelor, previously an enchanted stand-in for the Empress, Grimm’s sister he thought was dead
    • Inherited Pelor’s place as regent of the kingdom of Soleria
  • Beauregard “Li’l B” Twighopper (Paul) – Squirrel assassin with grandiose ambitions. Last known appointed as Baba Yaga’s Head Assassin
  • Pock (Paul) – Gnome Doctor, former Elder Brother; AR 310, researching in Deep Port beneath Delos
  • Sauroh (Aaron) – Tiefling Shadow-wielder Assassin
    • Split ways from the party in Sharn with his stolen loot, after helping the party by orchestrating a massive tower-district demolition.
  • Yuriel – Earthsoul genasi barbarian librarian; son of Abdiel the General, and brother of Sigea the cindersoul Shardsinger, last seen unconscious in the remains of Rift the Dreamtown, in southern jungle of Xen’dor.

Dead Characters: (SPOILERS)

  • Lucan (Deceased) (Paul) – Elven Swordsman, crewmate of Sali, Baj, and Mikal. Killed by Lugithillird the Ilithid while protecting Zanne and Caeldryn.
  • Francois Jacques Joseph Sali (Adam) – Half-elven Harlequin duellist and first mate of the Jolly Rapscallians; crewmates with Baj, Mikal, and Lucan. Sacrificed himself to steer Lugithillird’s ship back to the future to protect Zanne and Caeldryn.
  • Krya (Matthew) – Leapt into dying Solomon—with the aid and blessing of both Caeldryn and the sacrificial legacy of Elder Morgar—in order to face down the Beast, the ravenous force within all vampires.
  • Younger Morgar (Matthew) – Original young Morgar died offering his temporally potent lifeblood to Xanthraphiliad who then unlocked Caeldryn’s full bloodline power, thus freeing her from the Winter Fey’s choker collar.
  • Elder Morgar (Matthew) – Dwarven Paladin of Moradin, returned from a very long, dark future (yes old Morgar was a temporal duplicate of the original Morgar in Vangelis), killed by Krya in the Shadowfell when he gladly traded his life for Caeldryn’s.
  • Seraph Morgar (Matthew) – After giving his life a second time, Moradin met him personally, imbued him with immortal seraphic power and sent him throughout the world where the communities needed hope against the predations of the recently released undead. Seraph Morgar ultimately gave his life by taking on the pain of Yavanna’s Heart to buy time as the Empress assailed it for her own use. When Zanne gave her life to bind the sundered fragments of the Heart together by becoming the World Tree, Caeldryn found a baby dwarf nestled in the bole of the tree, bearing Morgar’s golden “Hope” tattoo.

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