Learn about the Daystorm world to put your characters in context of regions and history.

Then click the “Characters” tab on the top of this page and then create your characters and set them within this story. Remember, they are the story.

  • Whatever the PCs backgrounds and classes, the PCs in this story will be residents of Vangelis, either natives, or recent immigrants/converts and specially trained members of the Vangeli Brotherhood.
  • PCs may be Eladrin but they must have a good reason for why they are not loyal to the Imperium.
  • PC’s of any race may be Dhampyr, (Free feat: Vampiric Heritage) but I’d prefer if not more than 1-2 are.
    • Also, note that followers of the Maker and good deities are commanded to never eat blood, which may cause a struggle for Dhampyr PCs, even though less of a struggle than for full vampires.
    • (More about Dhampyr here )
  • PCs may choose additional languages equal to their base INT modifier (round down, not including half level). The following languages may come in extra handy:
Elven The new Common (within the Eladrin empire this is important for obvious reasons)
Highland Sign language Both hands signs, and physical signals/markers that blend into the environment (Such as an certain arrangement of stones at the entrance of a farmstead indicating danger or Brotherhood assistance available.)
Buccanneers’ Cant A useful doubletalk using codewords, expressions and nonverbal signals to transmit detailed information via an innocuous conversation. (Also known as Theives’ Cant because it’s often used to offer and accept ‘non-standard jobs’)
- Buccaneers’ cant infuriates higher ranking Eladrin, who, intelligent enough to recognize it’s existence and use, even in their presence, have yet been largely unable to dichiper it themselves, usually resorting to paying off Vangeli Dhampyr to do so.
Furtive signals (must choose this as a feat) See here for more cooperative feats of this nature (pg. 11)
  • The Paragon Paths, or “Style” feats in the article linked above might be of interest to you as well.
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