Episode 10: Opera Discoveries and Getting Owned by a Cat


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  • Events:
    • Following the brief interruption of the Opera The Lovers of Duval
    • Zanne had a mind-blowing heart-to-heart with Cynar and the Empress aboard the Imperial flagship The Crimson Sun.
    • Sigea made an invigorating acquaintance with Crispin Greco and the beautiful Leandra Delani (eladrin undercover Knight Aurorae)
    • Zanne had the fourth (and final?) dream in her sequence of emotional shard-related nightmares
    • Sigea dropped trow and had his first “skinny dipping in lava” experience, resulting in minor mayhem and possible social shame but no injury, except to a poor delivery goblin and a gnoll opportunist.
    • While Zanne, Caeldryn, and Sigea discussed the web of mysteries before them, Morgar and Mikal made their way through the rainy night to The Iron Ring and were totally owned by an orc heavyweight champion and his cat Pangur Ban.
    • Gallio discusses much with the party pertaining to the decisions before them and the urgency their next moves, whatever they may be.
      • Gallio’s translated remnant passages of the Dragon Codex so far.


As the others are busy discussing their hatred for cats, or pasts long since forgotten, Sigea sits down and draws Althea. He gently places her across his knees, tears a piece of fabric off the bottom of his flowing Persian pants and begins to polish the blade.

Sigea begins to speak to Althea as if whispering a whisper, “I feel I am wavering, dearest Althea. Not in confidence or purpose, but something far more troubling.” His hand shakes in a mix of anger and frustration as he pauses briefly in the slow cleaning ritual. “I no longer know who I can trust. Those in this city whom I have met have only shown me kindness and offered service in exchange for service. Though I know that both Crispin and the Empresses’ aspirations are ultimately for their own benefit, I cannot help questioning the value of a powerful ally in the times to come.” Sigea continues to wipe the grime from the blade of his companion. “Althea, even when I look to you for guidance, I feel that you would protect me regardless of the path I decide to choose. How thankful I am to have a companion like you. It is your care for me that inspires me to protect my cherished friends.” Resolve seems to sweep through Sigea’s mind. His voice, though still quite becomes steady and sure. “It is clear that the women I travel with have been protected constantly through time by those they meet, and I now believe, more than ever that I need to do what I can to keep them with us as long as possible.” Sigea raises Althea toward a torch and slowly turns her to make sure no spots were missed in his cleaning. “Let us do all we can to grow in our own strength and protect the friends we have made.” Althea seems to bask Sigea in waves of reassurance and gratitude, as if that was exactly the conclusion she wished that he would come to.

Sigea is also beginning to realize similarities between himself and the other world powers at this time. Each of the powers wants to impose their on the world; whether it is the Fey and their reckless quest to magically enhance the world, the Vampires and their search for power and darkness or the Yuan-ti and their desire to enhance everything with their dark medical techniques. Sigea also wants the world to live according to his set of values, though his reasoning is based on something seemingly far more concrete. The song of life, that melody that holds the world together and gives each pebble its purpose. Sigea reaches for the small bag of holding. He reaches inside and pulls out the small shard (common6) and looks at it intently. “We will give you a home my friend.” He puts it back with the larger one (speaker2) and cinches it closed.

For now we have more imminent things at hand. He stands and walks to where everyone is talking.

No matter what we decide. I know my purpose.


I am so thankful for Sigea tonight. His intelligence and knowledge helped us possibly figure a lot of things out tonight. At the same time though, I feel more frustrated than ever! I have all these questions about my past and no one to ask. I am slightly jealous that Zanne has Cynar helping her remember things, even if his motives aren’t pure. And now she’s discovered she’s a part of Ace’s House, Lyrandar. So she knows who to ask questions to. I know Zanne and Sigea were not a fan of me asking the Empress herself, but I’m still very tempted. I feel like of anyone, perhaps she would have some answers. Time is running out and I know the answer to my past could possibly help prevent the horrible catastrophe to come, but I don’t know what steps to take next! Perhaps it is time to do something a little crazy.


Here is the next awesome and completely true issue of Mikal’s Awesome Adventures with Other People. Enjoy.

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