Sewers, Furballs, and Chomping, Gibbering Fleshbags

Welcome to the Ruins


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• The group descends into the depths. They notice that something is following them, but before they can tackle that problem, they enter a room through a little door in the wall of the sewer to discover two huge gibbering balls of flesh with a million eyeballs that are speaking deep speech.
• They fight the nasty monsters, which ends up being a rather gruesome fight. The gibbering turns out to actually be a weapon and routinely attempts to daze/stun the group. But eventually they destroy the monsters.
• Once the monsters are dead, Sigea suddenly dives out the little door in an attempt to catch whoever or whatever has been following them. It turns out to be a young Shifter named Rahiti. The group befriends him, and he decides to follow them deeper into the earth in search of adventure.


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