Revelations in the Ruins: The Chop Shop and Forsaken Cannith Manufactory


Sigea, Morgar, Caeldryn, Mikal, Zanne
– NPCs: Rahiti, Merrix d’Cannith, Bubba Chubs, Bale
– We delved further into the ruins, confronting the horrors within.
– Mikal did some scouting by wearing a fleshbag costume. It was awesome.
– We discovered a sinister chop-shop that was using half-elf bodies as parts. Before they died. But then Sigea mercy-killed a lot of them.
– Mikal beat up the machines that were moving the body parts. It was awesome.
– We discovered that Duergar are fireproof. And that they are working with the snake people.
– Mikal discovered that the Duergar aren’t grenade-shoved-in-mouth proof. It was awesome.
– Sigea was going to try and trap an elemental in a shard, but decided not to. Also, Morgar seems to have gotten a little less noble in his old age.
– Zanne grew a bunch of vines everywhere to stop bad people from following us. It was actually pretty awesome.
– We made a fun new friend in a shifter named Rafiki. Or maybe Ratiki. No, I think it was Rahiti. Either way, he turned out to be pretty sweet.

Life Lesson with Mikal:

I can’t help but feel as though people underestimate the overall value a corpse contains. And this isn’t coming from me just because I’ve been one before. It’s just that they are useful for so many things, and yet most people either leave them where they are or bury them six feet underground.

That’s just such a waste of potential.

Consider the following. A corpse can be:

- Thrown down a stairway towards potential enemies in order to draw their fire.

- Worn as a disguise to fool enemies into thinking you are their friend. Haha, stupid enemies.

- Salvaged for parts, such as an arm to slap enemies when you could use a hand.

- Used as decoration at a fun Dia Las Muertes party.

- Thrown down hallways in order to trigger traps, thus exposing the treacherous tiling.

- Held in front of one’s own body as a soft, fleshy shield.

- Eaten if really, really hungry.

- Used as a puppet to lure unsuspecting enemies into a trap.

And the list just goes on and on. So next time you slay a foe, instead of kicking the body out of the way, consider employing it to help your whole party.

Remember: A corpse is wasted, defeat is tasted; A corpse is used, you get less bruised.


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