Episode 13: Crashing the Ball

Beautiful Bodies, Pega-Unicorns, and Caeldryn the Wildfire Sun.


- Sigea, Morgar, Caeldryn, Alpha, Mikal, Zanne

Sigea -
We left the ruins and made our way for the ball. The Eladrin put the ball together to keep the favor of the people and to grow their power. The ball is a glimpse of what they want the world to become. During the ball, you appear however you truly see yourself, Mikal and Morgar had their old bodies back, and Althea, oh blessed Althea. I got to spend a brief moment in time with the one whom I never dreamed to meet in such a way. How I treasure my companions.
The ball went well overall. I was getting information, it is now clear to me that the Vampires are nearing their moment of seizing darkness, and resurrecting the Elder Solomon. Mikal also informed me that he believes the reason that death will cease will be due to the fact that the Twilight so desperately desire to be like their immortal brethren. He certainly has his moments!
So it went well until about that point. I was talking with Crispin when all of a sudden it seemed as if the sun itself appeared in the very ballroom we were in. Something was wrong with Caeldryn. I went to try to calm her, but she barely listened to me. Zanne came soon after and before I knew it both of them were gone. Why must everything be so….“interesting” with this crowd.
I decided the best course of action to help us get set to leave would be to find Ace and his crew. I saw what could only be Caeldryn headed toward the docks and Zanne and Mikal close behind. I believe Morgar is still up near the floating island and there was another explosion which must have been Alpha and Winston testing out their new firepower. I pray this all ends well.


Three words:


That’s right ladies. If you suddenly felt your knees get a little weaker, don’t be alarmed. I just spent a night in my old body, which means you just spent a night in heaven.

But wait, there’s more.

While at the ball, I got to confront my murderer. (No, not the midget. The guy who I guess was slightly more culpable in my death: Crispin). Sure, he tried to intimidate me. But he didn’t know who he was messing with. I think it’s safe to say he won’t be sleeping as soundly after that.

Oh yah, and I also deduced the sinister plot of the Eladrin AND the Vampires. NBD.

Then I managed to stop Zanne from making a huge mistake by going with that pointy-eared freak who’s been spying on her all this time. Sure, he may have stopped me from talking. BUT NO ONE STOPS MY MIND.

And I did all of this while riding on my trusty Unicorn Pegasus steed. Not to mention the fact that I happened to save Sigea from plummeting to his death by snatching him out of the air on my Robot Dolphin steed.

I had a lot of steeds tonight.

So, to sum it all up:

I was awesome. Peace.

Caeldryn -

Let’s just say that it’s hard for me to trust people. I mean besides Zanne (obviously) and now the rest of our companions, I don’t do it very often. But Zanne kept talking about Cynar and how she really thought that he was trying to help. He helped her remember who she is, which is probably one of the most precious gifts she could receive. And maybe I wanted that too. I wanted to know who I was so badly. After Merrix confirmed that I really am a member of the Sun Elf royalty, I had to know more. So I decided to turn to the one person that I thought might know more. Cynar. Also adding in the fact that that feeling of the earth dying….yeah it’s been really strong lately. Maybe I was panicking a little bit because it seemed like we weren’t getting anywhere fast. But all that to say, that’s why I decided to trust Cynar and the Empress.

Which is why I’m currently a blazing ball of fire hurtling towards the docks to confront the entire Yuan-ti clan alone.

Things didn’t go as well as I hoped.

Using Zanne’s little shoulder mirror, I kept asking Cynar to meet with me. We wandered around the ball for a while. We watched Sigea interacting with Althea who was a beautiful eladrin at this enchanted ball. I noticed no one changed into a sun elf. Is my kind just a legend now? Do people even know we exist or ever existed at all? I’m starting to feel so alone in this world.

Anyways, we finally found Crispin and Lady Leandra to try to once AGAIN to get that information. Zanne tried really hard to get her away from him, but it proved to be extremely useless. And then we ended up having to stay and talk, which I did not like at all. I can fight a hundred monsters and not be afraid, but vampires terrify me. Then Mikal showed up and made a huge scene, as usual. It was strange to see him in his human form again. I’ve grown rather fond of awkward clumsy shard Mikal. But it was nice to slip away while he made Crispin angry (and distracted).

Maggie met up with us later and asked Zanne if she would like to talk to her Grandfather. That turned out to be extremely interesting and I am almost positive we’ve found Zanne’s family. Unfortunately the one Lyrandar who is most likely related to Zanne is the only one in the whole clan who didn’t seem to like her very much. He’ll come around though I’m sure. And maybe if we live long enough to reach the Dark Forest, we’ll be able to bring back some proof. That’s another strange thing though—everything seems to be pointing back to where I grew up. Which is not good. I never want to go there again. I still have nightmares about Magnolia.

Seeing Zanne possibly finding out more missing links to her past made me feel worse, so I eventually slipped out of the room. I was scanning the ball for Cynar from the balcony when of course he appeared next to me. I asked him for a private audience and he took me to a room….that of course was a room designed for people to do anything BUT talk. I quickly demanded an audience with the Empress, but he refused to let me see her without first reading my mind to make sure I didn’t intend to hurt her. I contemplated trying to hide things, but I reminded myself that I was going to trust Cynar. So I let him read my mind. He didn’t appear to like what he saw. He quickly ripped his hands off my shoulders and looked at me with a wild look on his usually so composed face. I just stared back at him, not sure what to say. Then he abruptly left, leaving me all alone in a room without doors or windows. I waited for a little while, hoping against hope that he was simply going to get the empress and tell her that all the dangerous things the Medani had been warning them about was true.

He didn’t come back. I tried to teleport out of the room, but of course I couldn’t. So I tried concentrating on convincing the walls that they needed to bend to my will and to my surprise, they eventually did! I created a door and stepped out…..into total darkness. I was in some other dimension. Perfect. I took a few more steps until I heard “Sister?” from behind me. I turned around to see the Empress. Immediately I was so relieved. Zanne was right! Cynar and the Empress could be trusted! But then I felt that something was very very wrong. I stayed where I was and told the Empress that I was not her sister and asked her where the real Empress was. She tried to deny it at first, but eventually my worst fears came out. She wasn’t the real Empress. She was a fake created by Cynar while the real Empress was out trying to find all the shards in order to become truly immortal. But then she asked for my help, which surprised me. She really seemed to think we were sisters. She warned me to find the Twilight Crown before the Snakes used it. I kept trying to convince her to come across into the darkness with me so I could try to teleport us both out of there, but she wouldn’t. She kept saying that Cynar said she would die if she left. She looked so scared and helpless, and then she warned me that the real Empress might take over her mind and try to kill me. She kept calling me sister, which was terrifying and comforting at the same time. Finally I snapped a little and told her that I wasn’t a twilight elf so I couldn’t be her sister. She asked what I was. Tired of hiding my true self, I showed her. Almost as soon as I did, Cynar appeared behind her. He looked at me and said something about me keeping secrets, which confused me. Didn’t he see that I was a sun elf when he read my mind? He grabbed the empress and started closing up the door I had made. I tried to run forward and stop him, but he somehow stopped me from moving. He didn’t’ seem to like all the light I was emitting so I started concentrating on that instead. It was kind of exhilarating…..until my clothes started on fire. He was struggling from the light, but managed to close up the door, leaving me completely alone. and taking who might really be my only surviving family member with him.

I can’t even express the emotions that flooded over me. It’s so hard to not know anything about your past and who your family is. It’s even worse when you might be the only person left of your entire race. Maybe the Empress is a sun elf. Maybe I’m not completely alone. And now Cynar has her and he knows that I know she’s a fake. He’ll probably kill her or worse! Rage that I hadn’t felt since that awful day in the Dark Forest flooded through me. I teleported out of the darkness and appeared hovering in the air over the ball like a glowing sun. Vampires went up in smoke and people screamed. Sigea was at my side in a second, trying to talk to me, but I could hardly even hear him. Zanne appeared next to me a second later and I grabbed her hand and teleported both of us out of there. I was trying to tell her what was wrong, but all I could spit out was “snakes, have to get to snakes, twilight crown, right now!” She didn’t understand and as soon as we got outside, guards started appearing. I could see that I was burning Zanne so I let her go. I would have to do this alone. The guards were about to attack so I managed to ensorcel the lead guard into calling off his troops. After seeing that Zanne was safe, I summoned an eagle to help me and we took off towards the docks. A tiny part of mind seemed to still be sane, but the rest of me was taken over by this fiery rage that I could not seem to shake off. That tiny part of my mind knew I was probably flying to my death, but I had to do this. Time was running out and I had to save my sister.

(I know this is Jean Gray, but this is how I picture Caeldryn looking to Cynar)


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