Episode 2: Welcome to the Imperium (Kundarak Breakout)


  • Cast:
  • Events:
    • Half the party joined the Dreamweaver as he attempted to teleport from the holding camp in the jungle housing the sleeping Dreamers into Sharn, the capital of the Imperium.
    • Before they could kill him, (Caeldrynripped his jugular) he called for guards who blew down the door and arrested everybody (Sigea, Caeldryn, Mikal, Zanne).
    • Elrohir got the teleportation circle going again 10 minutes later and got Lorn, Morgar, and Amadeus through. They rifled through the Dreamweavers office with files on each of the party members, then Elrohir set the whole place ablaze, disguising it with an illusion ritual to give them time to get away.
    • Sigea was tortured, met the Empress and almost got sent to the gallows
    • Fin and Alpha met the group, assisted their escape and Morgar and Lorn stayed valiantly behind fighting off the swarming soldiers so everybody could jump out of the tower and fall for miles into the obscurity of Torchlight District and the Lucky Nines.
    • They met up with the rest of the party in the citadel jail.

Here’s what you need to know:

-Some pissed off elves arrested us for killing the surprisingly weak dreamweaver guy who totally tried to dream-rape us.

-Zanne gave it up waaay too easily to some flirty elf hunk who honestly wasn’t even that good looking and only had any appeal at all because he brought out the handcuffs.

-Mikal bravely used his own untold sex appeal to woo the female guard and create an opportunity for escape.

-Instead, some huge robot dude crashed through a wall and helped a bunch of midgets save us.

-Oh yah, and one of the dwarves died to save us. I kinda liked him too.

-So now we’re on the run from the law, Zanne can’t get this stupid, ugly elf guy out of her head, and for some reason we keep talking about real estate.


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