Shopping and a Primer on Vampires


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    • Mikal died. Shot 4 times by Fin, twice while unconscious (under the influence of vampire Crispin Greco) Needless to say, he wound up very dead. Mikal’s body, and all remnants have since vanished.
    • Zanne and Caeldryn notch down their conspicuous woodsiness (+2 Rep) with urban style clothes and haircuts.
      • The girls have a drink with Ralfin “Ace” d’Lyrandar, captain of The White Feather airship. He offers them a joyride and gives them opera tickets.
    • Sigea meets two Sivis heirs, Parisa a studious earthsoul lass studying ancient history and bringing it to bear on modern methods of elemental High Binding, and Syrus the repeat champion of the annual Race of the Eight Winds and Master High Binder.
    • Alpha is inactive overly-long and upon waking shares that he has had his very first dream.


What have I done . . . it all happened so fast.

It went from adventure to danger to failure to . . . I don’t know . . . worse? I’ve never felt like this before. I was given one mission “protect the travelers” and the first morning with them I let one die. No. I killed him. I pulled the trigger. sigh I wish this fall could kill me. Death would give less bite than having to see the eyes of these new friends who I have now let down. If only I could fall so fast as to forget all that has happened. I wonder if this is how Baj felt after he lost his companion Lukan. Maybe close, but he ran to help and I just ran away, so I guess not at all . . . never again!

I have to live. That is what Baj would do.

I have to live. That is what Mikal would tell me.

I have to live. That vampire needs to pay.

I have to live . . .


This has been a rather wonderful day! This new group of people has been really fun to be with. Today, we heard a scream in the streets, I tried to keep up to help but they were just too fast and I couldn’t remember where I had heard the scream. I’m sure they will be fine though, so I figured I’d just go find some decent clothes to help myself blend in a bit better. The women and I went shopping and let’s just say these pants are wonderfully crafted and comfortable.

The women went off with some guy for a bit (Ralfin “Ace” Autumnloft d’Lyrandar), but he looked like a good man. He may become a powerful ally in the future. I also met a studious young woman (Parisa d’Sivis) and clearly a man with some possessive feelings over her (Syrus d’Sivis). I hope that one day he can find the courage to face men with respect and dignity.

For now I think I’ll go back to check on Alpha and clean Althea.





I can’t believe I got killed by a f@%king midget.



I can’t believe those two just tried to take on a Vampire by themselves. The monk I understand; he looked like a moron. But the halfling, I’ve seen him before. He should know better than to tangle with a Vampire Lord.

Oh well, it seems they learned their lesson. I could have stepped in, but that probably only would have resulted in me getting my ass kicked, or maybe worse. It’s too bad the monk had to die, he actually looked like he had some good tricks hidden behind that goofy grin. The halfling probably won’t sleep for a while. I was dominated once. Not an experience I’d like to relive. At least the vampire didn’t get the body, although I’m not sure he’s in much better hands where he’s been taken…

I suppose I should go check on the other sorry lot that came with these two. Maybe they can help me after all…


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