Episode 4: Meeting the Houses and Raising Cain in the undercity


  • Cast:
    • Sigea, Fin, Caeldryn, Alpha, “No”, (Zanne – unconscious)
  • Events:
    • The Tyrants take the opportunity to murder an Eladrin Guard troop in the Cogs by Lift 32
    • Fin connects with the halflings of Ghallanda
    • Elrohir negotiates a provisional gig series for Caeldryn with Anathar d’Phiarlan, after her success on Lucky Nines’ stage.
      • TASK: Meet with Anathar’s contact Hamlin in Clifftop about recovering smuggled goods in an abandoned harbor warehouse.
      • PAY Unnegotiated
    • Jaxon d’Cannith invites Sigea onto the WindRail Research team
      • TASK: Retreive an ancient schema needed for further research from the ancient Sharn ruins beneath Khyber’s Gate (Lower Cogs)
      • PAY: 6,000 gp upon delivery


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