Episode 5: Hamlin’s Case (Part 1): An Easy Snatch?


  • Cast:
    • Sigea, Fin, Caeldryn, Sauroh, Zanne
  • Events: **

Do I think that Fin’s rash accepting of all presented tasks is wise…NO; efficient…hell yes! I’m so excited at the chance to venture down for the schema! Who knows what wonderful secrets it holds! Think of the possibilities!

In the meantime we are headed for some case in the bottom of an old structure, which as far as I can tell is far more dangerous than meets the eye. Whoever runs the show here I pray we do not meet. We did end up fighting some warforged dogs and archers. Zanne and I make quite the team. I feel that with enough time to understand the unique intricacies of this team we will be quite the force to reckon with! I do hope Alpha makes it here soon! And that we make it out of here alive!



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