Episode 6: Hamlin’s Case (Part 2): Treasure in the Trash


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  • Events:
    • Alpha’s Cannith-wrought dumpster dive fortuitously reunites him with the party
    • Met Ward, Smidge, Winston Wallace , Kelsur “Silvereyes” d’Medani and his cohorts.
    • Kelsur: “Imperials, maybe a hundred of them! Quickly now, we must reach the Sanctuary in the Cogs.
      • Winston knows this place like the back of his repair plate, so he take us down the eastern tunnels that the Imperials haven’t found and infested…yet. He’ll lead us through the traps without a problem but it’ll take some time given the weakness of our bodies, the children in our care, and the condition of Winston’s leg.
      • You’ll need to buy us as much time as possible and meet us by the exit point before it all comes down.
      • You can’t linger anywhere too long though because they’ll be sending in their more fragile but potent Shardmages after the shock troopers have softened the way for them.
      • Fight and run, lead them into Smidge’s traps, stall them, and repeat. If we can count on you to do that, some of us just might make out of here alive. After what we’ve been through, we are not dying today, not in a place like this, not when we’re so close to uncovering the truth! We’re all counting on you!” With a smile he adds, “See you on the outside, friends.”


There is no time to waste! We need to stop that final Warforged before he lets others know we are here! Thank goodness by the time Ward had us started on his trail Alpha showed up with just the Warforged corpse we were looking for! It appears that the Warforged we were chasing was headed down this old garbage shoot. We asked Ward to lead us down the shoot, and we ended up in a seemingly make-shift though beautiful yet dangerous space. Fin and the others started searching the area for clues and hopefully the most treasurest of treasures.

This gave me time to think. Looking at the seeming joy seen in Alpha searching through little treasures and trinkets (I believe he was looking for a “lazer cannon”)? I couldn’t help but think that whatever, or whoever made this must have been something or someone who was thrown out as simple trash, perhaps a Warforged who was awoken. I began to worry about the state of where we were, hopefully the master of this place was just a lonely soul simply looking for a place to belong.

Sauroh startled me, he seemed to appear out of nowhere. I told him about my idea; he nodded and slipped back into the shadows. I began walking over to the women when I noticed Sauroh out the corner of my eye pointing to a location toward the middle of the room. I nodded back and motioned to Zanne to throw me her ring, I shared what was happening with the women but it wasn’t soon enough.

There was a loud crash and debris flying everywhere. When we realized what had happened we saw large javelin protruding mere inches from his shoulder. I watched Fin leap to stand on top of the massive spear, set down his pistols and raise his hands. I should have been paying closer attention to what was going on around the rest of us. An exploding rock (bazooka) flew at us from the other side of the room and knocked Zanne, Caeldryn and I apart with the tremendous force. As a huge voice was echoing around the chamber cursing and yelling at us, “Begone! Intruders be d**” We were dragged down to the floor by several little creatures.

I followed my original thought and yelled, “THEY may have thought you were merely trash but we can see through your care and creations that you are a valuable and important person!” I immediately felt the tiny minions ease up, a few of the others followed in suit tossing out compliments. The room went silent, with the exception of the constant hum of the garbage vacuum I couldn’t hear a thing. Soon Caeldryn stood up and said she heard weeping.

We ended up meeting several people, from a Goblin named Smidge to some Medani refugees, and the Warforged creator Wallace, we decided we had made a good decision in not fighting. I am fascinated by Smidge and Winston Wallace. They embody everything I believe in. Taking the things that society considers waste and turning forming them to reach a higher potential. We exchanged stories, but before long we were told that the building has been infiltrated. And they were headed this way. Who would be coming for us? How did they know about where we were hiding? Does this have to do with the man who was tracking me before? Perhaps this had to do with the shimmer near Zanne’s head? We need to find a way to become invisible again. But first we need to protect our new friends. With our strength and Wallace’s knowledge of the area hopefully we can finish them off and keep our friends safe.



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