Episode 7: Hamlin’s Case (Part 3): Fish in a Barrel – Meet the Shard-Augments


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    • After defeating the first wave of legionaries invading the smugglers’ warehouse, the party runs away down the tunnels. Smidge leads them through the traps that slow their pursuers until he takes them into a defensible deathtrap where they can make a stand against the next wave. They burst into the room full of chaingun emplacements with only seconds to prepare for the coming century of legionaries. An earthshard shot rings out just past Smidge’s head as he is hastily laying out the plan of defense. Legionaire riflemen have already taken up the emplacements! Sauroh is quick enough to slip away, undetectable in shadow form, into killing position behind one of the snipers. The rest of the party face volley after volley of armor-piercing shots raining down on them on the receiving end of the deathtrap.
    • Before the rest of the group can react, a massive man studded with black and green dragonshards leaps down from the central grating platforms wielding a brutal-looking spear and knocks those near to him flat. Zanne, Alpha, and Sigea remain on their feet, but then the shard-studded sniper officer tosses down a large shard with a burning fuse which explodes as it hits the ground, the force and shrapnel knocking the rest of the group flat. Then the impaler proceeds to charge Alpha seeking to skewer the warforged through. Fortunately Sigea had sung the shards song and carved sigils of shielding against the impaler’s assaults and his spear grazed harmlessly off the steel plating of Alpha’s chest.
    • Zanne, wielding her huge waraxe one-handed with her massive shield in the other, attracted the greatest concentrated attention from the gunners, half of the force of their earthshard shots piercing even her shield and stone-hard skin. After a few volleys of heavy damage she is about to fall, any normal human would, but with the endurance of a huge, primal bear she stands up from her knees, and full of rage assaults the shard-augmented impaler and sniper decurion, aiming to wrench out their empowering shards.
    • As the pursuing infantry just began to burst through the doors closed by Smide and swarm the room, with Sigea and Smidge in their path, the artillery squad, even as dug in as they were, were thrown down so the heroes could man the chainguns with battle cries. Smidge retreats, Sauroh mounts one gun, his shadow another, Zanne the third, and Alpha the fourth. Finding a port that seems to match a plug on his wrist, Alpha finds he can jack into his gun and become one with the weapon, its movement and power gliding gracefully and dangerously right along with his slightest movements, spinning and moving with unbelievable speed.
    • Before the party fully takes control of the chainguns, the invading infantry breaks into the room, brining their own musketeers who fire a volley at Fin and Ward guarding Caeldryn, still on the ground, and annihilate the archer construct. With a flourish of his well-trained hands, Fin manages to repair Ward enough to get him back on his feet and fire back to hold the oncoming horde off of Caeldryn. Nevertheless Caeldryn steps forth from the sacrificial cover of her brave friends and conjures a roiling conflagration of the fury of nature, a raging wildfire of contempt in the doorway. Caught in the virulent heat of her passion, the legionaries flooding the room collapse and expire, offering inspiration and the comfort of nature’s protection to Sigea whose wounds knit together and whose bleeding ceases.
    • The rest of the century brings more shard-augmented shocktroopers with the power of flameshards and resounding explosive force of detonated earthshards. Despite their most coordinated efforts to secure the room, the defenses built into this place by Wallace for just such an occasion prove insurmountable. After many haughty eladrin legionary soldiers lie defeated below, piled upon each other, the commanders admit their defeat, swallow their pride and retreat down the incoming tunnel to find another route of assault.
    • The party is victorious, for now, but they cannot linger to rejoice in their temporary survival. Far greater danger is only minutes away, and they have yet to reunite with Wallace and the Medanis (who hopefully fared better than they had) and blast a way out before this warehouse becomes their mass grave.


I made a decision tonight. When the door to the dungeon burst open and Ward stepped in front of me to protect me from the swarm, I knew I couldn’t bear to go through that again. I will not let any more of my friends die because of me.

Maybe it was that decision. Maybe it was Ward/Finn’s bravery reminding me a little too much of the past. But I instantly knew what I had to do. I hadn’t used that power in a long long time. But for the first time it felt right. I was in control. I could hardly believe the power that came from me and utterly destroyed the incoming soldiers. If I hadn’t been concentrating so hard on not burning the entire room to ashes, I would’ve been just as astonished as everyone else!

I feel like I’ve been realizing my true potential as a fighter. Before I held back a little. Taking a life didn’t seem to have much reward for me. But I have seen too many of my friends die. Lucan, Sali, Mikal, Morgar….so many friends. So I have decided that I will not stand back any longer. I will fight for my friends, as they have fought for me.

I really hope that Smidge got out all right. I’ve never felt compassion for a goblin before, but when he started to cry I had to comfort him! Even though I have been with human (or non-animal anyways) companions for a while now, I feel like it’s still so strange for me to experience all these emotions. It was my emotions that caused me to lose control so long ago and ever since then I had pushed them away. Which is easy to do when you aren’t surrounded by any emotions besides the animalistic desire for survival. But being with all these emotional beings, specifically Morgar, Sali, Zanne, and even Mikal, they’ve been coming to the surface more and more.

Someone set us up. I feel somewhat responsible since it was my “patron” that gave us this job. I don’t know if it was him or not, but whoever it was will pay. I am so thankful that we are all still here alive, for the moment.

Since we’ve come to this city it seems that things have gotten more and more confusing and twisted. What have we stumbled upon?

Earthshard Chaingun


So many Eladrin…and I only killed one. I might be getting rusty. That Caeldrynn girl is starting to make me think that this lot isn’t too useless after all.

But I’m starting to think I might need a break from all this “team spirit” crap. I need some alone time.

If only we can get out of here alive. At least when our little surprise goes off we’ll have a plenty big door to walk through…


Do you ever forget what it’s like to do something that you love, and then do it, and remember “I LOVE DOING THIS!” For example pulling the trigger of a gun, and in a mere second having a smooth cold bullet piercing the flesh of your foe! How in one second so many small gears can click and snap into place to unleash such a small amount of controlled chaos! These are the moments that I live for.

Today has been pretty exciting so far! Learned some stuff, found some sort of treasury thing?! (hey as long as we can sell it or gain from it I don’t care what we have to take) But best of all we are going to see some fireworks. Sauroh and I are going to light up the town (at least that’s the plan . . . ) and hopefully we won’t be part of it . . . or our newly found friends, but mainly us. and it would be kinda neat if I could watch it.

I’m glad that i’m finally serving a purpose, after all these years I spent wondering if I would be some sort of a special halfling and all of a sudden I will be spoken of in the teachings of the cloak and dagger. I will be the one who will fulfill Baj’s mission! Can’t say that I don’t feel a little bit sorry for him . . . but just a little bit. I am so pumped to be here. I just hope that there are no repercussions for my little mix up the other day. . . let’s just hope that the C&D dosen’t get wind of what happened. Even if they do every moment i spend with these people will give me a lifetime of joy in the next life.


Something happened. I bled. I bled a lot. Stupid things shooting me from far away. Come closer and fight me face to face!!! I cant remember bleeding my own blood (that much) in a long time. I felt so useless. I NEEDED to protect my friends!!! No one.. I mean NO ONE HURTS MY FRIENDS!!! Ooooohhh. And there was something that caught my eye. Some of the guys we were fighting, I think these ones were higher up, they had shiny stones in their skin. But I saw some of the stones were BLACK! BAAAH!!!! RIght when I saw it I knew I had to get it. Its like when I see a glare on the wall… I just have to get it. So I attempted to jump at him… I hate to admit it but I failed. I landed short. Though on my next attempt I got one! I grabbed on and ripped!!!! Take that shooter guy.


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