Episode 8: Hamlin’s Case (Conclusion): Elevator Music and a Big Bang

Dragons, and Legions, and Innocents, Oh My!



I’m not normally prone to fits of optimism, but I have to admit, today was a pretty good day. I was able to utterly destroy one of the men who made my life this living hell, I swiped a chest full of gold, and the explosion we rigged up was even more glorious than I would have imagined. I’m fairly confident that we killed thousands of Eladrin scum. True, some were ‘innocents’, but everyone knows that sacrifices must be made in war.

Now that I have a little better idea what exactly the Eladrin are up to, I’m going to head off on my own to do some research. Plus, I really need to fence this gold. I’ll very likely meet up with these people again, especially that Finn character. He’s actually pretty ok.

But for now, I’m off to ‘encourage’ some of my contacts into telling me what I need to know about the Empire’s plot.


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