h2. Episode 9: Sanctuary at Last

“We are the Knights Aurorae”


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  • Events:
    • The party finally escapes the smugglers’ warehouse towers.
      • After mowing down imperials until they retreated, the party leaves the chaingun room and follows Smidge down a series of trapped rooms, tunnels, and bridges, emerging once again in the basement of the warehouse entry building. Traversing to the storage tower (where they originally found the forgery case in Part 1) they reconnect with Wallace and the Medani refugees with a full complement of Imperials on their heels.
      • Smidge works the elevator as the heroes protect the innocents first from a very convincing conjuration of an adult cobalt dragon (Sigea/Zanne), and then a troop of imperials and shard-augmented dhampyr on soarsleds or flying on conjured autumn winds.
      • Caeldryn calls on her Cloak to plunge the entire tower into black, granting select allies darkvision in the process. Her power with the cloak is growing. In the darkness, the artillery stop their brutal assault and draw off into the safety far above, firing on the glowing shards holding the elevator aloft. The remainder continue to fight blind, failing to slay any of the Medani despite repeated attempts.
      • Sauroh faces-off against and slay Phoden Tyrial, a dangerous eladrin officer who took part in training the assassin in the art of shadow and fear-combat.
      • To escape the reformed artillery platoon’s unified volleys, Wallace severs the elevator anchor cable and then, claiming soarsleds, he, Alpha, and Zanne, with the assistance of Sigea’s shardsong bear the platform the remaining 200 ft. to warehouse floor by sheer brute strength. With seconds before the planned detonation, Smidge opens a series of heavy vault doors to emerge from the tower by a hidden door onto an open bridge to a residential tower.
    • Narrowly escaping the collapsing tower, the party watched from below as the smugglers’ entire crate of catastrophic dragon eggs (which Fin and Sauroh had rigged on a timed fuse) exploded, causing the entire warehouse tower to collapse, demolishing neighboring towers and districts of the lower, middle, and upper city as the entire mile-plus height of tower crashes in huge pieces into the harbor.
      • During the calamity, Sigea heads to the University with a colleague to look into the shardbound elementals he encountered in the shard-augment soldiers and the elevators propulsion shards (and to develop an alibi), while Sauroh, takes his filched smugglers’ treasure and heads off on his own once again.
      • A strange ship arrives in the sky above the city, increasing the panic of the citizenry.
      • The remainder of the party escorts the Medani through the chaos of panicking people to the lava and soot of the Cogs, where they meet Mikal (alive, telepathic, and clumsy in a brand new enormous all-shard body) and proceed to the safety of the Medani Sanctuary.
    • The Party arrives at the Medani Sanctuary
      • The party meets many, but not all of those calling themselves the Knights Aurorae: aged Gallio d’Medani, Caspar his Voidsoul bodyguard, Sebastien Celebdil an eladrin revolutionary, Doorman Beasley Thonk d’Kundarak, a group of powerful and compassionate Ghallandan halfling, and finally an extremely aged, pale, and half-forged Morgar who has quite the story to tell.
      • The party deliver the case for Gallio’s investigation, and hears his and Kelsur’s many deeply unsettling conspiracy theories and now faces many choices for desperately needed heroic action.
      • During the discussion, Alpha receives repairs and potential upgrades from Smidge and his army of homunculi. Alpha also captures the admiration and attention of Winston Wallace by proposing compelling ideas for the establishment of a Warforged nation. Speaking thus proves to greatly impress and inspire the powerful warforged Knight who warms up to Alpha more as a peer thereafter, especially seeking the necessary components and services to personally craft Alpha a duplicate of his shoulder cannon.


Since I’m an hideous outcast of society and no one ever talks to me, I’ve decided to chronicle our events via an awesome picture book. So now, I’m proud to present the first installment of Mikal’s Awesome Adventures with some Other People:

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