Eberron Modifications


Ok, so really we don’t use much from Eberron, but I was really excited about everything in Eberron and wasn’t interested in making up my own ideas for a while. I got over that, having come to much prefer the unique possibilities afforded by my yet unnamed world. Even so, the ideas in Eberron thoroughly derailed me from the standard fantasy world-building tropes, and things have only gotten more interesting hereafter.

Dragonmarked Houses

The most Eberron-like feature we use is the Dragonmarked Houses, as a nice, simple way to delineate who does what in society. They operate a bit differently given the overall supremacy and regulation of the Autumn Imperium. Thus, they don’t have monopolies over their areas of expertise, and really the Imperial Eladrin envy the dragonmarked and are doing everything they can to bolster their High Fey Magics to pull off the same tricks the Houses perform. So far the Imperial Fey lag behind, but advances in magitech are exponentially increasing.


Eberron Modifications

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