An Exiled Court

The terrible events of the Blood War severed the feykind in the most dramatic degree seen in history. The Twilight Fey, heretically allying with their ancient enemies, the cyclops and the fomorians, poisoned the Sacred Tree with the blood of vampires against the express decision of the Archfey. From their actions sprung the first dhampyr eladrin, whose exposure to the aberrant Plague had forshortened their erstwhile immortality, resulting in unprecedented panic for the usually undisturbable fey. The fey of the Twilight Court were exiled to the world and powerful planar barriers sealed the Prime Material Plane

A Race Apart:

As elves are to mortal men, the Eladrin are to elves. Their civilization is ancient and powerful, due to the incredible longevity of the Eladrin race. However, because they are so long lived, the Eladrin tend to be staunchly conservative, and their traditions exist today as they existed hundreds of years ago by human reckoning.

Eladrin high society is made up of noble Houses. The most powerful Houses control entire Eladrin city-states, and lesser houses are bound to their service. The city-states maintain a loose association, but are as frequently at war as they are at peace. Eladrin nobles prize honour and chivalry. Eladrin noblemen are trained in arts, history, occasionally magic, and always swordplay. Personal grievances and legal disputes between the noble houses are often settled by duels, usually to first blood – occasionally to the death.

The Mercantile class is similar in many ways to the nobility. They have no official political power, but many marry into lesser (and often impoverished) noble houses, and so advance their standing. And even with no official power, a wealthy merchant carries quite a bit of clout.

Even the common Eladrin live relatively beatific existances. Many are expert craftsmen, and Eladrin-forged weaponry and houseware are prized for their intricacy and beauty.

The Eladrin have a certain reputation, besides their otherworldy grace, as being haughty and arrogant. And why not, when a human life is but a flyspeck next to that of an Eladrin?

Eladrin military

Noble Eladrin

The lords and ladies that rule the eladrin are powerful fey who embody the character of the race. Their magic is tied to seasons and emotions depending on the Fey House from which they hail. A ghaele might lash out with a blast of wintry cold, while a coure sows strife among her enemies. They are enigmatic and aloof and can be very capricious, especially when mortals venture into their domains.

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