Chapter 6: Knights Aurorae: A Smouldering Hope

Episode 6: The Valley of Aberration: Awaking Amyria (finally) and aiding the Platinum Dragon against the Far Realm fleet

- Sigea, Zanne, Mikal, Lia, Nadarr, Borkadd.

Zanne, Mikal, Sigea, Lia, Nadarr, and Borkadd exit the Purple Dragon’s lair and head for the Valley of Aberration. Everything is covered in pulsing purple goo. The stumble upon a village and discover a horde of goblins that have been mutated into disgusting monsters that only slightly resemble goblins. They have greater powers from their mutations as well. Tentacles grab several of the party members and suck them into one of the goo blobs. Everyone fights for their life and tries to avoid being contaminated.

Mikal decides to try to impersonate a mind flayer using his mental telepathy. The goblins stop fighting for a little bit, confused and angry that the mind flayers have come early. A goblin captain comes and challenges Mikal, and Mikal promptly kills him for talking back (keeping up the mind flayer bluff). The goblins then flee before them, and the party pursues them down a narrow canyon that leads to an underground cave.

In the cave, they find a greater horror. A huge undead beholder is dangling suspended from a ledge like a big fleshy pinata. There is also a large pool with something mutated and large lurking inside of it. The group fought valiantly. Lia attacked the beholder in the name of Kord, wounding it severely, but then bringing it’s wrath upon her. It knocked her into the pool where she soon discovered what was lurking in the depths. A huge monstrous and mutated fish attempted to bite her, just barely missing. The rest of the group furiously attacked the beholder as well, with Mikal and Sigea also getting knocked into the pool and facing the rage of the monster within. They finally kill the beholder and the remaining goblins.

They then discover that there is a passageway at the bottom of the pool. Zanne and Sigea purify the pool and the mutated fish becomes a peaceful giant koi. They drain the pool until they can reach the passageway, and then descend inside.

Also at some point, after defeating the goblins and the beholder, the group convinces the Purple Dragon to hold her end of the bargain. With a lot of promised drama in her future, the purple dragon agrees to sacrifce herself to redeem the cloak. Sigea (or Mikal?) wields the cloak, and to the joy of the party they find that it has been restored)

At the end of the passageway is a colony of mushroom creatures. They are also mutated and release deadly spores when provoked. They seemed to be patrolling the area, and the group noticed that there was a portal in the corner. Mikal sneaked over to the portal and tried to bluff the mushrooms, but they would have none of it. A fight breaks out, and in the midst of it Mikal slips into the portal.

He finds himself in a large empty room, save for a few bodies. He makes friends with a scavenger monster who is hiding from the battle and snacking on some of the bodies. He also discovers Kuu, who is almost dead, but manages to tell Mikal that there is a huge battle going on and that this room is a sort of in-between area where you can access different portals. Kuu gives Mikal a special belt (that does something?). Mikal learns that the roaring noise he can hear is Behomet fighting somewhere nearby.

The rest of the group join Mikal in the room after defeating the mushrooms. Sigea talks with the dying Ku and agrees to quickly and mercifully kill him to end his suffering. Inside the room, they realize that they are very close to a huge elemental conduit, and so Zanne decides to pull out the sword she had carried for so long and call upon Bahamut. She then finds herself in a room (possibly the inside of a large nut, like a walnut) with a beautiful woman who looks surprisingly like Zanne. The woman introduces herself as Amyria, and declares herself ready to help fight. Zanne fills her in on what is happening, and the two travel back to the room where everyone is waiting. Amyria blesses the group, giving them stronger powers to aid them in the coming battle. Mikal, Zanne, and Sigea then go through a portal that leads them onto a ship. Lia, Nadarr, and Amyria travel to where they can hear Bahamut roaring with exhaustion.

The ship turns out to be one of a huge fleet of battleships that are all attacking Bahamut. The ships are all governed by Mind Flayers. Mikal, Zanne, and Sigea attempt to take over the ship they are one while Lia, Nadarr, and Amyria aid Bahamut.

With the increase in powers that Amyria gave them, the group successfully destroys most of the Mind Flayer fleet. Mikal and Sigea wield the cloak and crown in one battleship, releasing the entire crew of thralls and combating the five mind flayer admirals. Zanne unintentionally creates a brand new planet when she draws on the strength of earth to push away a mind flayer grasping her head in its tentacles. The sudden planet decimates the remainder of the flagship and she designates it as a new home for the ship’s newly freed thralls. Bahamut, grateful for their help, gives Sigea, Zanne, and Mikal dragons to fly back to the sun.


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