The Freelands are the only remains of a Vangeli civilization free from the influence of the Imperium. The Goliaths staunchly refused to be cowed by the encroaching legions of eladrin and their faybrutes. Once thoroughly integrated into Vangelis, the goliaths, in their defiance, were pressed deep into the southern mountains toward the sea. A bitter struggle ensued between the Imperium and the “Rebels,” who were assisted by the easily provoked half-orcs and shifters, and even some of the other races who believed in the goliaths’ vision.

Unable to ultimately quell the fierce though unorganized rebellion, even with their stately and disciplined legions, the Imperium constructed the Red wall with a fortress at the only gate, relegating those unfortunate enough to be included with the rebels to the mountains. Since the Imperium sealed them apart from the rest of Vangelis, the Freemen experienced incessant difficulty.

First, lacking infrastructure and the ability to trade with the rest of Vangelis, the Freemen were reduced to a subsistance agricultural economy which did not thrive well in the rocky hills and badlands among the crags. Thus, finished goods and opportunities to sell their raw goods are always lucrative to any outsiders that somehow make their way into the Freelands.

Furthermore, the wild beasts of the borderlands became a constant and increasing danger. Rumors, rare as they are from across the wall, seem to indicate that the beasts have become increasingly aggressive as well as powerful. Hence, borne out of necessity, the Freemen secured a bastion against the dark in the wild, and the dark lining the crimson walls. This bastion is the walled stone city of Aluzad, home of the central bazaar and the fortress of the Freeman Cheif Patriach: Quim.

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