Chapter 7: Heroes under Twilight

Episode 1: Feet back on the Ground: Life After Night

“March to the battlefield, The foe is now before us; Each heart is Freedom’s shield, And heaven is shining o’er us.” ~Seneca

The summoning by e w kn

- Caeldryn, Hope, Sigea, Zanne, Mikal, Fin.
- Pelor transferred his sun power over to Hope, making her the new ruler of the sun. As the power is tranferred, Hope remembered secrets from when she was the fake Empress. Specifically she remembered that the real Empress and Cynar had collected the shards that Zanne saw to bring Solomon, the first vampire, back to life.
- The party returned to earth to find the dwarf ninjas murdered. It appeared that they had been attempting to protect the bodies of the group. They discover that Lugithillirid was the culprit and that he had some sort of amulet of darkness.
- They ran down the halls of the underground temple, trying to catch the mind flayer and ended up falling into a trap. They were set upon by undead skeletons. After defeating them, they made their way back out into the sunlight. Lugithillirid was long gone, but the earth was filled with portals to the Shadowfell. Undead and mutated creatures were roaming unchecked.
- They recovered their crew that Zanne had hidden under the earth. The crew, terrified, told them of demons and ghosts running rampant. Several crew members appear to be possessed. However, they get the ship up and running and set sail.
- Caeldryn opened the portal to her secret grove to confront Romance. Romance had burned the grove to a crisp in his fury, and refused to listen to her pleas for forgiveness. He gave her an ultimatum, to kill him now or to let him go so he could seek the dark powers for help in seeking revenge on her. Caeldryn was unable and unwilling to kill her friend, but Sigea fired a pistol from behind her, killing Romance. Caeldryn retreated to her secret grove in sorrow to bury the body of her old friend.
- The ship sailed on towards the mountains in the southeast of Vangelis, outside of a town called Isca Dumnoniorum, attempting to find a group of brave souls mounting a resistance against the Imperium. They called themselves The Brotherhood.

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