Heroes under Twilight

Episode 3: Flying to the Brotherhood’s Aid: Five against an army, a warforged army

- Caeldryn, Sigea, Zanne, Mikal, Morgar (young), Grimm
- Brave Vesperia escapes Dante’s estate and Zanne causes the trees of the forest to launch them straight into the battle between the Imperium’s warfoged army and the Brotherhood resistance led by Morgar, Grimm, the dragonborn Draco Gratius Severus, the gnome healer Pock, the shifter Teko, and the platinum defender Amyria.
- All fight valiantly, but the warforged host is powerful. Each hero manifests incredible new extensions of their power in unique ways laying waste to the stone and metal regiments. Eventually Caeldryn teleports severely wounded Morgar and Zanne out of a devastating attack and incinerating explosion into the safety of the forest. Grimm lays waste to the eladrin griffon cavalry, commanding their respect and awe in the form of an angel of death before vanishing from sight with his double griffon mount.
- After sneaking into the lightning titan, deceiving the eladrin crew and slaying the vampire captain, Mikal absconded with a mermaid imprisoned in a huge black shard that was powering the lightning titan
- After causing the warforged dragon’s blast to detonate the fire titan’s core shard, Caeldryn is captured by the eladrin piloting the warforged dragon and frozen into a statue of solid ice

Still reeling from Mikal’s vision and Sigea’s abrupt disappearance, the group hesitated a little too long in Dante’s bedchamber. Morgar managed to bring Grimm back to consciousness while Zanne and Caeldryn vainly attempted to find Sigea in the mirror. Sudden banging on the door startled all of them. Vampire guards demanded Dante to answer for the previous ruckus.

With some quick thinking (and convincing noises) Zanne managed to bluff the guards away. Realizing the dangerous situation they were still in, the group set to finding an escape route. After clambering out the chimney, they were nearly picked off by snipers on the rooftop. But with some quick moves, they were able to silently overtake the snipers.

Surveying the area, they could see the smoke rising from the battle not far away. Excited to help the rebels, they decided to go join the battle. Zanne commanded the surrounding trees to catapult the group the several miles to the battlefield. As they flew through the air, the impact of their rash decision hit them. As they neared the battlefield they realized that the army of war-forged was vast. Not to mention the fact that they were backed up by two huge war-forged titans, one wielding fire and the other lightning. Oh, and also a huge war-forged dragon breathing acid. Oh, and then there was the Eladrin cavalry flying around on griffins.

They landed in the middle of the battlefield. Mikal let out a huge burst of chaos and fire, taking out all the war-forged surrounding him. But the swarm then turned on him at the same time as an Eladrin hit him with a lock that shut his shards down, the combination nearly knocking him unconscious in a matter of minutes. Realizing their power, Mikal played “shut down” for a while as the battle raged around him. As soon as he managed to get free of the lock, he teleported into the titan wielding lightning.

Zanne attempted to fly to the Lightning Titan’s face, but he struck her down with a huge hand as if she was an annoying fly. She hit the ground hard, creating a deep groove in the earth as she slid. Caeldryn shot fire in the Lightning Titan’s face to distract him from Zanne, but it didn’t even phase the giant. Caeldryn then found herself swarmed by the war-forged, disappearing under their mass as they fought to pull her apart.

Morgar instantly came to her rescue (to her dismay) and swapped places with her, taking the brunt of the war-forged force. Furious, Caeldryn suddenly transformed into a fiery being (a la supernova), but instead of losing her head and decimating every living thing in sight, she somehow seemed in control of her power. With her golden tattoo from old Morgar glowing brightly, she strode back into the war-forged fray, teleported Morgar out of it, and then exploded in a fiery ball of light.

The blast was massive, instantly incinerating hundreds of war-forged and wreaking chaos on hundreds more. Half of the war-forged army was gone. The huge Fire Titan turned towards her, so she blasted him with fire as well. She was burning so brightly and fiercely that even the Fire Titan stumbled backwards.


Grimm landed on a flying griffin and fought fiercely to overthrow it’s rider. After fighting hand to hand while flying through the air at frightening speeds, almost falling off the griffin, and then clinging to it’s feet unnoticed for a while, he finally managed to overtake the rider. Only to have the rider fey step back into the saddle. So he threw the Eladrin off….AGAIN. Taking control of the griffin, he then attacked the other three Eladrin fiercely.

Zanne emerged from the massive pile of rubble she had been buried under, her eyes blazing. Planting her feet firmly on the ground, she rose both her hands into the air. There was a terrifying rumble from the earth, and then suddenly a mammoth sheet of earth and rock rose straight out of the ground between the rebel’s castle and the approaching war-forged. It grew, towering over the battlefield until it blocked the sun from view. War-forged fled, but with a flick of her wrists, she brought the wall of earth crashing down. The hundreds of remaining war-forged army completely disappeared.

Inside the Lightning Titan, Mikal decapitated a duerger and then got terribly lost. After wandering around for a while he finally found a control room. There were several Eladrin inside as well as a vampire. Casually, Mikal created a shard grenade and then tossed it in the room. It exploded, sending shrapnel all over the battlefield. He then bluffed the Eladrin into rushing off to protect the data files hidden in the Titan. After they had left, he stepped in the room and confronted the vampire. He was surprised to see that inside the room was a huge shard containing a mermaid. A very hot mermaid. The vampire dominated Mikal and then sent him climbing out the window into the Titan’s canon, preparing to blast him. But Mikal came to his senses just in time. He shifted through time and space, sending his essence somewhere secret. He then duplicated his form into four shardminds and had them furiously attack the vampire with a flurry of blows.

Riding his griffin, Grimm transformed himself into a terrifying visage reminiscent of the Raven Queen. Black wings sprouted from his back. One Eladrin succumbed to terror, and it’s griffin in disgust bucked him off. The now free griffin, impressed by the dhampyr’s power, gladly followed him. With one foot on each griffin, the terrifying figure of death pursued the remaining two Eladrin.

Zanne, Caeldryn, and Morgar became the targets of the dragon and the two titans. They fought fiercely, but the enemy’s onslaught was vicious. Zanne and Caeldryn were both knocked senseless several times, and only by Morgar’s quick healing were they able to recover. Each recovery took longer, and drained Morgar more. Even when they managed to knock one of the huge titan’s prone, it was still able to deliver a terrifying fight. Zanne fell under a heavy blow from the Lightning Titan again. Morgar was bleeding freely and looking grim. Panicking, Caeldryn created a portal back to the middle of the silent woods they had flown over and sent the unconscious Zanne and the wounded Morgar through it, closing it quickly before Morgar could react.

Then she realized she was completely alone on the battlefield.

Grimm had gone invisible with his two griffin mounts. Mikal managed to kill the vampire finally, and was frantically attempting to free the beautiful mermaid, of whom he was completely and hopelessly enamored. She told him that if he broke the shard, she would die. So he lifted the huge shard and added it to his own body, making himself a giant shardmind with a mermaid in his chest. It was no easy feat, and spreading his psychic forces so thin greatly weakened him.

The Fire Titan smashed Caeldryn with his hammer, and the Dragon swooped in, readying a massive blast of fire. In desperation, Caeldryn teleported, finding herself inside the Fire Titan’s foot amidst a startled crowd of duergers. Before anyone could react, however, the Dragon’s blast that was aiming for Caeldryn hit the Fire Titan instead. The Fire Titan exploded in a huge blast, sending pieces of shrapnel flying.

One such piece was Caeldryn’s unconscious fiery form, flying through the air like a comet. The dragon spotted her and pursued her quickly, scooping her up in it’s jaws. Inside the dragon a group of Eladrin forcefully extinguished her fire with cold and ice.

A tall female Eladrin with snow white hair and icy cold eyes wore a smile that lacked any warmth as she examined the utterly lovely, unconscious Sun Elf, imprisoned in impenetrable fey-ice. Yes, this was a wonderful prize indeed.


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