Heroes under Twilight

Episode 4: The Journey Down: A Leap into the Fiery Maw

- Zanne, Mikal, (young) Morgar, Grimm, Ella, Beauregard “Lil’ B” Twighopper
- Feeling the press of time to ‘save Yavonna’s heart,’ the heroes decide not to pursue Caeldryn in her captivity, and instead the follow their new acquaintance Ella, who seems to know her way around the world, particularly into the deep parts where Yavonna’s heart may be in danger.
- In no time, the group also feels the painful absence of Sigea, his practicality, sage wisdom, and shardsinging abilities. He remains in the realm through the mirrors that rest in Caeldryn’s now inaccessible sacred grove.
- For the time being, Mikal carries the mermaid who remains trapped in her shard prison inside his body. Now larger than he was before, his mental energy is strained, but he discovers that she can bolster him with her mental prowess when his is lacking and she can also occasionally bolster his attacks with the power of the sea.
- Ace‘s airship, the White Feather carried the heroes of Brave Vesperia back into the Yuan-ti jungles, following Ella’s swiftly running dream form to the volcanic mountain spewing ash above the giant arachnid territory.
- Led by Mikal, the heroes take a wild leap into the volcanic caldera, only to be met by its territorial and deadly inhabitant, an elder Magma dragon.
- In the strange crevices and tunnels surrounding the caldera, Mikal interrupts the strange experiments of the dragon’s azer subjects by adding his chaos magic. As a result, he accidentally spawning an aberrant tentacled dragonling that hinders the rest of the party’s escape from the magma dragon’s deadly attacks.
- Mikal makes a deal with Aweskaar to buy them time to escape with their lives.

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