Heroes under Twilight

Episode 6: “Where are we?”: Dangerous Beasts, Nightmare Hunters, and Undead Archmages

- Zanne, Mikal (absent), Morgar, Grimm (absent), Ella, Beauregard “Lil’ B” Twighopper
– Ella shifts the Well of Worlds to the shiny leaf setting and the heroes jump the portal to avoid the turf war between yuan-ti and salamanders below. Some yuan-ti pursue but don’t last long
– The heroes are almost immediately scattered throughout a bizarre, wild luminescent forest:
– - Morgar immediately falls through the canopy to the ground, surviving more or less intact only to be swallowed by a huge rapidly digesting plant wyrm
– - Mikal rides a giant beetle and then a hunting dragon
– - Lil B cows an undead archmagus and his retinue of duplicates that were following him to his vantage in the treetops
– - (Still in the canopy) Rather than dying, Ella chooses to release freaky nightmare hunters that snagged her mind during the portal-jump. They subsequently infect Zanne’s mind so that she turns viciously on Ella, believing the girl to be a nightmare herself


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