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Due to factors such as the honor-bound pride of dragonborn and goliaths, the furious reprisal of wronged half-orcs and shifters, and the difficulty of the terrain, the Imperium had significantly more difficulty conquering Vangelis than its other, less diverse and less unified neighbors. By the time the Vangeli finally submitted to the Order of the Pax Autumna, the fey had developed a simmering resentment of the rugged Vangeli. Tensions can easily run high and Imperium troops find creative means to assert their superiority over Vangeli commonfolk, sometimes through the law, and other times off of a whim.

1. Residuum:

The realm of Vangelis sits atop the ruins of the epicenter of the ancient dragonborn kingdom of Arkhosia. As such, buried halls of broken marble pillars peeking up through the farmfields only hint at the glories past. Also, the ruins buried beneath Vangelis are ripe with deposits of residuum left by the dissipating arcane glory of the dragonborn artifacts from millenia past.

Now, the Eladrin brought with them from the Feywild an insatiable taste for the ornate in their lifestyle, raiment, leisure and architecture. However, since this world is only an echo of the Feywild’s verdant beauty, the Autumn Eladrin and their feykin crave anything bringing this mundane world closer to their prior magic-infused home. For this they employ mages to sustain near-constant minor magics throughout their cities and lands, which consequently consumes a good supply of residuum.

Hence, 100 years ago an Imperium edict conscribed a tax upon each family of Vangelis, demanding each head of a household to produce 50 gp of residuum each month, in exchange for “protection and edification under the Order.” Most fey, to this day, see the edict as a just arrangement of mutual benefit to both parties. Some Vangeli families established mining projects in the ancient barrows and buried halls and routinely sell the residuum to the rest of the region so they can pay their tax.

Following typical Vangeli resistance to the edict within the first 10 years(especially from dragonborn who fought to protect the sacred ancient places of Arkhosia from Imperial pillaging), many dragonborn and others were arrested and the edict was ammended to contain the following clause:

“Failure to produce the residuum quota results in imprisonment or appropriation for the head of the household, (or any female of his household) for one year per month overdue. Even if the amount is payed back in full, all standing sentances must be served to full term. Any “

For obvious reasons, many females are arrested, and then summarily appropriated, than men. Following the completion of the sentance, the guilty are returned The men who return are often physically damaged, the women—every other way.

  • Legal inequity –
  • Appropriation -

Vangeli who are arrested for any level of crime, most commonly failure to meet the residuum quota, can be “appropriated” for “Imperial Service.” This service is often to suit the entertainment needs of the decadent and Feywild-nastolgic Eladrin of New Mithrendain.

Male dragonborn, captured goliaths, some humans and others are appropriated into gladiator stables for their strength, honor, or exotic interest. Females of every race are appropriated for entertainment purposes that are less dangerous, physically. Like their male counterparts selection and service is based on ability, pride, or exotic novelty.

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