Houserules (and other peculiarities about our game)

Aspects and Fate Points

We use Aspects and Fate Points to heighten drama and inject the story with more tension as well as greater moments of heroism. So far it has worked wonderfully.

A very thorough treatment of this mechanic has been written by firesnakearies here:

We have modified this mechanic only slightly. The DM will also use Fate Points as bribery to players for filling in quality information on the wiki, mostly in the Session Log.


The Imperium has allied with duergar and genasi inventors, who along with the special powers of House Cannith have inaugurated a booming technological revolution over the last century. Recent applications of dragonshards have produced firearms.

  • Any bow or crossbow can be reflavored as a firearm. If it does so it gains the following properties:
    • High Crit: Target takes 1[W] extra damage on a natural 20
    • Misfire: On a natural 1, the wielder takes 1[W] damage from the firearm

Inherent Bonuses

We use the inherent bonus system so that magical items are valued for being interesting more than for keeping up with the system. I’ve found this removes a good amount of metagaming and allows for more interesting narrative-appropriate custom items. I really like the idea of artifacts, and sort of want each PC to have one defining artifact that grows with them.

To this end,

  • Morgar has Ballin’s Anvil the hereditary craghammer/mordenkrad of Moradin’s faithful
  • Sigea is clearly defined by his relationship with Althea – his protective intelligent sword
  • Caeldryn had her black snake-skin cloak that has very significantly driven the plot, as well as she will now spend Lineage points to perform her growing Sun Elf powers (mechanically “buying and using” Alchemist’s Fire, Holy Water and temporary item properties from the set Gifts of the Queen
  • Mikal’s items illustrate the Far Realm-touched chaos in his once dead mind.
  • Alpha has his shoulder cannon, the Viral Docent and other unique attached components invented by Winston Wallace and Smidge.
  • Hope just started so she needs something.
  • Zanne still needs something, but I’m working on it secretly.

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