The Imperium Law

The Imperial forces do enforce laws when not manipulated by Lords and bribes from guilds.

The official Imperial Code is elegant and civilized, though the Laws are complex and vague in several ways, and overtly prejudiced toward Fey. However they do have basic tenets that affect the characters more directly in the following:

1. Tribute. Each family of Vangeli must provide 10gp worth of residuum, which is harvested in the region of Vangelis, to the Imperium each month.

2. Possession and Use of Residuum. Vangels are forbidden from using residuum and this can be extended to the possession of sizable quantities on one’s person without good cause, such as a collection time near.


The Twilight Guard and the Sons of Autumn

Civilization requires stern laws. The Twilight Guard enforces those laws at the expense of personal freedom. Provided crime is held in check, it doesn’t matter how many liberties the people must sacrifice; a stable and functioning society is far more important than individual happiness. Justice must be dispensed swiftly and should always outweigh the severity of the crime, to deter others from subverting the established order. Thus, the Twilight Guard hack off hands from thieves, torture and then execute killers, and engage in other cruel activities in the name of justice.

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