Military Structure (Largest to smallest):

Legion = 10 Cohorts (5,240 fey + officers)

Cohorts = 6 Centuria (480 fey + officers)

Centuria = 10 Contubernium (80 fey + 1 centurion & other officers)

Contubernium = Tent group (8 fey)

All legions are also usually accompanied by three attached century of cavalry, a century of Brelani of Autumn (casters), and occasionally an air cavalry century (griffon riders). The legions prefer consisting of non-dhampyr Eladrin, but that varies. For many times, the daywalker fey can prove very tactically useful.

The basic designation of the 10 cohorts are the same throughout all the Legions. They were arranged in battle so that the strongest and weakest units would be mixed throughout the formation maximizing moral and effectiveness.

Red = Weaker

Black = Standard

Blue = Good

Bold Blue = Elite

Cohort I: Made up of the elite troops. Its direct commander is the Primus Pilus, the highest ranking and most respected of all the Centurions.

Cohort II: Consists of some of the weaker or newest troops.

Cohort III: No special designation for this unit.

Cohort IV: Another of the four weak cohorts.

Cohort V: Again, no special designation.

Cohort VI: Made up of “The Finest of the Young Men”.

Cohort VII: One of the four weak cohorts and a likely place to find trainees and raw recruits.

Cohort VIII: Contains “The Selected Troops”.

Cohort IX: One of the four weak cohorts and a likely place to find trainees and raw recruits.

Cohort X: Made up of “The Good Troops”.

Rank (Highest to lowest):

  1. Legatus
  2. Tribunus
  3. Praefectus
  4. Tribuni Angusticlavi – 5 per Legion (admin and tactics)
  5. Primus Pilus – Commanding Centurion of 1st Cohort
  6. Centurions – 60 per Legion Usually Brelani or Psy-mage Eladrin, often mounted on unicorns.
  7. Pilus Prior – Commanding Centurion of each Century other than 1st.
  8. Decurion – Commanding officer of 10
  9. Principales:
    1. Aquilifer – Standard bearer
    2. Signifer
    3. Optio – Second in command to centurions
    4. Cornicen – Horn blower
  10. Soldiers
    1. Immunes – Trained specialists (surgeons, other casters, engineers)
    2. Munifex/Milites – Basic Private-level soldier
    3. Tirones – Basic new recruit. 6 months training before becoming a full Milites

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