Civilization requires stern laws. The Twilight Guard enforces those laws at the expense of personal freedom. Provided crime is held in check, it doesn’t matter how many liberties the people must sacrifice; a stable and functioning society is far more important than individual happiness. Justice must be dispensed swiftly and should always outweigh the severity of the crime, to deter others from subverting the established order. Thus, the Twilight Guard hack off hands from thieves, torture and then execute killers, and engage in other cruel activities in the name of justice.

Outsiders visiting Mithrendain might find themselves taken aback by aspects of the Autumn City’s society. The eladrin inhabitants frequently consider outsiders to be novelties or curiosities. In a society obsessed with beauty, a race that doesn’t share their smooth aesthetics is practically hideous, and many eladrin cannot help but gawk at natives of the World. The eladrin of Mithrendain operate on their own schedules and yet seem obsessed with maintaining the beauty of their society and their city, two aspects that can combine to frustrate visitors to the Autumn City who need something from one or more of its inhabitants.

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