Sustained in seclusion by Arcturus’s advanced Earthmagics, the genasi’s hand-built retreat, with its choji, Mosshaven, has stood in the western mountains of Vangelis for over a century unmolested, and undiscovered. Surrounded by wilderness filled with enormous magical predators, and uncivilized giantfolk, few prying eyes wander this far into the crags. Thus Arcturus has used this site to numerous ends over the decades, from primarily training warriors in the harmonic use of not only their bodies but their minds and souls, to organizing residuum resevoirs for later distribution to needy Vangeli families, to harboring political fugitives, including himself from time to time.

In primordial, Choji means “the place where the Way is studied”. Although for beginners Choji is nothing more then the place for physical exercise, it should not be considered as a gym. Spirituality is supposed to pervade the atmosphere in the Choji, because it links spiritual and physical elements of selected martial art. In Choji cleanliness and order always predominate. Besides styles insignias Choji must not contain anything ostentatious to distract the mind.

The warrior lineages found at typical Genasi Choji do not rely on strength, size, or speed; rather seek to resolve conflicts through the utilization of natural principles of movement, psychology, awareness, and strategy. Through proper integration of the training and teachings, the student becomes a stronger, more powerful, capable individual who can survive and thrive through adversity.

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