Name Loyalty Relationship Sex Race Details
Abdiel Peaople’s Army Deceased M Genasi Firesoul Deceased general of People’s Army, father of Yuriel and Sigea
Sir Alfonzar Justicar Vangel Royal Vangel Chamberlain M Dragonborn Head of Vangel Principality of City-States
Lady Antoniya Justicar Vangel Royal _ F Dragonborn Chamberlain Alphonse’s Wife
Arcturus Brotherhood Ally M Genasi Earthsoul Stand-in Brotherhood Organizer, scholar, scribe
Claudius Seneca Imperium _ M Vampire Lord Marshal of the Twilight Guard
Dedalus Brotherhood/ Royalists Ally M Half-orc Hiding Veteran Royal Bodyguard
Dimitri Stephanovich Last Alliance of Thean Principalities Ally M Dwarf From the DragonGlass, captain in the Battle of Actium
Draco Gratius Severus Brotherhood PC (Elder Brothers M Dragonborn Winged Scion of Io
Heidegger Brotherhood _ M Half-elf Dhampyr Bard
Faysia Refugees Protectorate F Human Castellan of Mosshaven Camp; Lead priestess of former Hospice
Flavius Imperium _ M Eladrin Legate Commander of the 9th Legion, Vangelis
Francois Jacques Joseph Sali Jolly Rapscallions Deceased M Halfelf Late harlequin warlord, and poet, died powering the Astral Skiff’s Bloodjammer into the future
Kuu _ Ally (occasional) M Githyanki Illithid slayer and former Astral Sea marine
Lorn Maxum Brotherhood M Dwarf Father Abbott of Stone Sanctum, Brotherhood organizational Head
Lucan Jolly Rapscallions Deceased M Elf Late Two-weapon fighter killed by Lugrithillirid protecting his nakama
Midge Brotherhood Ally M Gnome Technical Engineer
Mikal Jolly Sailors PC M Human Bare-knuckle fighter
Morgar Brotherhood PC (Elder Brothers) M Dwarf Charismatic Paladin, Protector, and Bearer of Ballin’s Anvil
Peleus Imperium Deceased M Eladrin Late governor of Riesling
Pierre Ansalon ? ? M Vampire Admiral during the Battle of Actium (Imperial Reckoning 113)
Pock Brotherhood PC (Elder Brothers M Gnome Cleric devoted to healing, and curing the Plague
Quim Freelands _ M Goliath Cheif Patriarch of Freelands
Romance _ _ M Tiefling Cursed and seeking Fountain of the Unicorn
Seth _ _ M Half-orc Freelands agent, organizer
Sigea _ _ Genasi Cindersoul Shardsinger and Blademaster
Sorenna Brotherhood Ally F Human Dhampyr Brotherhood Intelligence
Sulla Freelands _ M Goliath Son of Quim, Cheif Patriarch of Freelands
Timmakin Brotherhood PC (Elder Brothers) Human Lucky-blessed Jack of all trades
Yuriel _ _ Genasi (Earthsoul) Barbarian Librarian, son of People’s Army General Abdiel

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