Completed Quests
Elder Brothers
Brave Vesperia

Current Quests:

Elder Brothers Quests

Brave Vesperia

Major Quests:

  • Avenge Mikal (Deceased) on the Vampire Syndicate
  • Prevent or stall Lorn’s execution
  • Hamlin’s Case (Party)
  • Cannith’s Lost Schema (Sigea)
  • Investigate Missing Ghallandans from the Docks (Fin)
  • Retro-fit the folding Astral Skiff to be able to fly without killing people

On-going Mysteries:

  • Zanne’s Dreams
  • Zanne’s Memories
  • Lugrithillirid’s Pursuit of Caeldryn
  • The Platinum Longsword
  • Yavanna’s Heart
  • “The World is Dying”
  • Medani genocide
  • What are these shard-augment soldiers?
  • How are the Imperials connected to the Yuan-ti?
  • Journey through the Lava Sea and the Underdark to the Lair of the Terrasque. Really?

Completed Quests

1 Elder Brothers

  • Rendezvous with Heidegger
  • Prevented the Twilight Guard from slaughtering Hospice for harboring rebels.
  • Prevented the apprehension of half-orc warlord Seth in the Freelands
    • Won over the orcs mercenary earth giants
    • Turned back the orcish horde threatening the half-orc refugees
  • Hunted the Dire Bulette, extracted its gizzard crystals.
  • Won the Arena Games of Isca Dumnoniorum
    • Freed Picus and five of his combat-hardened companions.
  • Defended HeathHaven against Maximus and 3 cohorts from the 39th legion
  • Discovered and thwarted the source of the domination of the commonfolks’ wives.

2 Brave Vesperia

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