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The Elder Brothers

  1. Episode 1: Awoken
  2. Episode 2: Heidegger’s Scrape and Hospice Under Seige
  3. Episode 3: “We are the Raven Bounty Hunters”
  4. Episode 4: The Hunters Hunted
  5. Episode 5: Beer, Buk, and a Baby
  6. Episode 6: Four vs. 300 Holding Off the Horde (and a Dire Bulette)
  7. Episode 7: Making Friends and Influencing People
  8. Episode 8: Throwing in all the Chips: The Arena
  9. Episode 9: First Feyblood and The Battle of Fort HeathHaven
  10. Episode 10: Be Still my Beating Heart

Brave Vesperia

Chapter One:

Unearthed: Accidental Discoveries

  1. Episode 1: Crazy Ants
  2. Episode 2: Bullywug Swarms
  3. Episode 3: Flee the Mind-eaters
  4. Episode 4: Oh shit, a Mind Flayer
  5. Episode 5: Fungal Frenzy

Chapter Two:

Discovering Morningfall and a Momentary Eclipse

  1. Episode 1: Drakes Disturbing the Peace
  2. Episode 2: Clues and Ascent of Morningfall
  3. Episode 3: Ruins of Ancient Empires
  4. Episode 4: A Fight in the Dark (“Whoops I think Yuriel collapsed the ruins”

Jungle Troll

Chapter Three:

The Jungle

  1. Episode 1: Bullywugs and Troll Shadows to the Caves of Black Glass
  2. Episode 2: Spriggan Assault and (the first) Travels in Time and Space (Morgar, Adolamin, and Dmitri
  3. Episode 3: Doomboots’ Hostages
  4. Episode 4: The Aberrant Ragehulks Kidnapping Committee
  5. Episode 5: Hunting the Fountain through the Fey Forest – Ambushed by Feral Elves and Vipers
  6. Episode 6: In the Court of Tornak the Troll-King – Caeldryn is What?
  7. Episode 7: The Unicorn’s News, the Mind-flayer’s Continuing Hunt, and the Departure of the Ladies

Chapter Four:

Hidden in Time

  1. Prologue: The Jolly Rapscallions – Lost in the Underdark Sea
  2. Episode 1: Strangers in a Bar: Routine Brigand Cleanup
  3. Episode 2: Hunting Modra Beneath the Happy Beggar
  4. Episode 3: Escaping into the Shadowfell
  5. Episode 4: The Shadowrift of Umbraforge: Recon and an Ogre Battle
  6. Episode 5: The Foiled Foundry Demolition and Modra’s End
  7. Episode 6: Into Sharshan’s Tower
  8. Episode 7: Narrow Escape: Baj Brings Down the Joint
  9. Episode 8: Bram Ironfell’s Proposal: Into the Thornwaste
  10. Episode 9: Dispatching Dunesend’s Gnoll Warden and Hunting the Queen
  11. Episode 10: Darn Dwarves and their Fortification Prowess: An Unsubtle Entrance
  12. Episode 11: Showdown at the rift: Dethroning Shepetiah
  13. Episode 12: Return to Dunesend: A “Heroes’ Welcome” and a Heart-Rending Departure

Chapter Five:

Into the Heart of the Imperium

  1. Episode 1: Lugrithillirid’s Lair and the Dreamweaver’s Domaine
  2. Episode 2: Welcome to the Imperium (Kundarak Breakout)
  3. Episode 3: Shopping and a Primer on Vampires
  4. Episode 4: Meeting the Houses and Raising Cain in the Undercity ~ Needs Write-up
  5. Episode 5: Hamlin’s Case (Part 1): An Easy Snatch?
  6. Episode 6: Hamlin’s Case (Part 2): Treasure in the Trash
  7. Episode 7: Hamlin’s Case (Part 3): Fish in a Barrel – Meet the Shard-Augments
  8. Episode 8: Hamlin’s Case (Conclusion): Elevator Music and a Very Big Bang (Dragons, and Legions, and Innocents, Oh My!) ~ Needs Write-up
  9. Episode 9: Sanctuary at Last: “We are the Knights Aurorae”
  10. Episode 10: Opera Discoveries and Owned by a Cat
  11. Episode 11: Sewers, Furballs and Chomping, Gibbering Fleshbags: Welcome to the Ruins
  12. Episode 12: Revelations in the Ruins: The Chop Shop and Forsaken Cannith Manufactory
  13. Episode 13: Crashing the Ball: Beautiful Bodies, Pega-Unicorns, and Caeldryn the Wildfire Sun
  14. Episode 14: A Serpent Inferno, and Struggling Aboard Her Majesty’s flagship Silme Wen
  15. Episode 15: Exeunt Omnes: One Chance in a Million — Running the Aermada blockade

Chapter Six:

Knights Aurorae: A Smouldering Hope

  1. Episode 1: Making a Name for Yourself: Mugshots, Mateys, and Stirring up Stormhome
  2. Episode 2: Into the Woods: Ash, Ettins, and unearthing a dragon scroll
  3. Episode 3: To the Sun and Back Again: Githyanki corsairs, Dwarven ninjas, and the death of a king
  4. Episode 4: Splitting the Party: Breaking out of the Sun City’s siege
  5. Episode 5: On Vesperia: Dragon priests, dracoliches, dragon eggs, and light
  6. Episode 6: The Valley of Aberration: Awaking Amyria (finally) and aiding the Platinum Dragon against the Far Realm fleet
  7. Episode 7: “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”: We will not go gentle into that dark night
  8. Episode 8: “March to the Battlefield”: The End of Night

Chapter Seven:

Heroes under Twilight

  1. Episode 1: Feet Back on the Ground: Life after Night – Needs Write up
  2. Episode 2: Dante’s Flaming Inferno: Of Players and Slayers, Bare Skin, and Beating Hearts
  3. Episode 3: Flying to the Brotherhood’s Aid: Five against an army, a warforged army
  4. Episode 4: The Journey Down: A Wild Leap into the Fiery Maw
  5. Episode 5: The Journey Down: A Flush, a Flesh Carpet, Ghost Goblins, and Gith Planar Plans – Needs Write up
  6. Episode 6: “Where are we?”: Dangerous Beasts, Nightmare Hunters, and Undead Archmages – Needs Write up
  7. Episode 7: Sweet, Mad Dreams in Baba Yaga’s Dancing Hut – Needs Write up

Chapter Eight:

Breaking Day

  1. Episode 1: Deep Winter: Nymphs, Ceremonies, Caeldryn, and Freeing a Frozen Flayer – Needs Write up
  2. Episode 2: To Potentia and back again: Epic All Around – Needs Write up
  3. Episode 3: Paying Respects to a Vampire, a Winter Warden, a Shifter, and a Lich – Needs Write up
  4. Episode 4: In the Dirty Depths: Collecting Keys, Foiling Aberrants, and Keeping Out the Sea – Needs Write up
  5. Episode 5: Long Descent into Civil War: Turning Warforged, Half-forged, and Mikal – Needs Write up
  6. Episode 6: Train Ride into the Terrasque: Blood, Death, and Dragons – Needs Write up
  7. Episode 7: Sundering Finale: Yavanna’s Heart Under Siege – Needs Write up

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