Whatever deep roots lie beneath the origins of centaurs, it is clear that horses are not the only creatures to embody the essence of what it is to be both man and animal. Fierce hunters that roam the plains, wemics share the upper body of a humanoid with the lower body of a lion. The result is imposing—man’s cunning and intelligence combined with the speed, strength, and ferocity of the king of beasts. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that wemics are excellent hunters and fighters. They sometimes hire out as trackers or guides.

Like all creatures, wemics vary in shape and size. From head to rump, they are 10 to 12 feet long and stand 6 to 7 feet at the shoulder. Their entire bodies are covered in a dusky fur, often golden in colour, with a white underbelly. Adult males have a mane of long hair kept in various styles. A wemic’s face is a mixture of human and feline features with cat-slitted pupils, high-set ears, and often a broad, leonine nose. They are fast and can leap tremendous distances.

Wemic civilization is simpler than that of their human brethren, and this tendency is only reinforced by their nomadic nature. They do not settle in permanent homes. Instead, wemics migrate with the herds they hunt for food. They live and hunt in small groups called prides. A number of prides often band together into a tribe that is led by a chief. They have a rich tradition of oral history for maintaining and passing on tribal lore. Not surprisingly, with this type of society the favoured class of a Wemic is a barbarian. Wemics fight with both their forepaws and a weapon. Like most nomadic “hunter” societies, Wemics have not developed the arts and technologies required for refining or smithing metals. Consequently, they usually wield clubs, stone-tipped javelins, and swords when they can get them. They sometimes carry painted leather shields in their off-hand.

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