• Draco, Pock, Morgar, and Grimm (The Elder Brothers) respond to the summons of sensei Arcturus at Mosshaven, his retreat hidden deep in the southwest Vangeli mountains.
  • Having spent their last ten years training in various cities throughout the state of Vangelis and abroad, their training is put to the test by Mosshaven’s Entry Hall, a wild and lush garden guarded by massive arboreal Watchers.
    • During the fight, the four get acquainted with fighting as a team.
    • Draco is swallowed by the lead Watcher, (a lightning spewing shambling mound) and attacked by rootlets unstoppably boring into his scales. Hacking away with barbarian fury from the inside, he escapes and the remaining Watchers are dispatched.
  • Arcturus greets his proteges, and welcomes them in for his famous centering tea. He laughs often but is troubled deep down.
  • Arcturus speaks:
    • The time has come for the Brotherhood, a long-lived organization vigilant to uphold justice for those who cannot defend themselves, to rise again.
    • Times are hard: The Imperium is tightening its grip on the people and the rich resources available in Vangelis due to the relics of ancient Arkhosia littering the countryside and buried deep in forgotten ruins.
    • The titular king of Vangelis and the whole dragonborn royal family with him were executed just days ago in the Imperial capital on charges of Conspiracy, Sedition, and High Treason against the Empress.
  • Sorenna, intelligence command of the Brotherhood interrupted Arcturus’ speech with further bad news:
    • In apparent retribution to the terrorist-blamed assassination of the royal family, Imperial forces, known as the Peace Keepers, staged a major crackdown on all suspected dissidents, terrorists, and any others reasonably deemed Threats to the Peace.
    • Lorn Maxum, long-serving organizational head of the Brotherhood, was among those arrested.
    • Yesterday at noon, he and twelve others convicted as “high-ranking rebel leaders” were publicly executed at Plaza of Justice in the civic district of the Imperial capital city New Mithrendain
    • The Brotherhood now lacks leadership and coordination, just at the moment its strength is most needed.
  • It falls to the Elder Brothers, the most highly trained agents in Vangelis, to take up the mantle of leadership and reestablish a voice on behalf of the people.


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