Inhabitants are called Vangeli (van-jul) (Singular Vangel)

Vangelis comprises the Southwestern mountainous outskirts of the Vast atop the location of the ancient dragonborn kingdom of Arkhosia The region is a homeland of dwarves, humans, shifters, dragonborn, goliaths, half-orcs, giants and other less elegent folk, including terrible wild beasts both natural and magical, intelligent and mindless.

Two out of five common folk are dhampyr, especially among the humans, shifters, and half-orcs. Dhampyr are rare among dragonborn, goliaths, and dwarves.

Today, Vangelis is home to the Brotherhood, a guerilla resistance force in the budding stages of opposing the Imperium’s rule. The Vox Populi, the “Voice of the People” also resides here. Calling themselves “Feysworn,” they are disbursed throughout the cities and the countryside, propogating ideas and doctrines very distinct from the Brotherhood. The idea of victory over the elves espoused by the Vox has much more of a taste for blood and personal vengeance than the Brotherhood’s notions of securing freedom, true justice, and peace for those who cannot defend themselves.

The Vox has already established significant sway in the hearts of the common folk, especially the common dhampyr of Vangelis and other areas of the Imperium by offering promises of wealth, power, and domination of the fey: attractive offers to fey-supressed peoples.


In ancient history the races maintained independent and xenophobic clans, but eventually the Vangeli were completely subjugated by a human empire. Only the Eladrin, Elves, and Halflings of the Vast remained un-bowed. The Vangeli unified during their slavery, maintaining their seperate cultural distinctives but creating a new conglomerate culture with an unquenchable thirst for freedom.

It is said that Almighty, the Maker, led the Vangeli out of their subjection into the land of fjords and highlands that is now called Vangelis, where they quickly formed a foothold of unified civilization free from fear and oppression.

Everything changed with the Blood War. Although the height of desecration for Vangeli, many nonetheless fled in fear to the arms of the Night. Once the aberrant destroyers finally reached the highlands, the Vangeli fought bravely to hold them back from their kingdom. Then the host from the Feywild came with the dhampyr of the Vast and permanently ended the threat. Weakened from the catastrophe, the rich civilization of Vangelis attracted the attentions of the empire-hungry Eladrin of the Vast. The Autumn were hungry for more of the world to hold in their Order of the Pax Autumna and the kingdoms of the mountains became an enviable prize. The Fey invaded their neighbors, under the banner of protection, assistance and honorable intentions, and all the outlying regions succumbed to the Imperium, including noble Vangelis. Only more isolated collections of goliaths, half-orcs, and shifters forestalled the shadow of the Imperium. These were walled off into the southwest badlands, where the worst beasts roam and hunt and establish their lairs.

Now years of domination and subtle oppression have brought the outlying people, especially the Vangeli to the breaking point. The decadent Twilight Fey, the vampire and dhampyr folk and their malicious ways rub sorely on the virtuous, independent-minded Vangeli.

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